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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Love Me Tender, Love Me Hotdogs

You can't play at the Four Queens without taking on the full pay 9/6 Jacks or Better and employing the Strict Rules of Parlay to try to win a fortune.

You also can't not play the bar Double Double progressive. But we'd done that already.

Day 3 Part 3

During our upright video poker session, the Quad Queen held an Ace and finished the hand with two pair, Aces and Queens.

The cocktail waitress, lovely as she was, seemed to speak a slightly different version of life than we did.

She came to take our drink order and looked at QQ's screen.

"Oh my God, have you played that hand yet?" she asked.

QQ responded, "Yeah, actually I have and - "

"If you'd gotten more of those... we'd be eating hotdogs tonight!!!" the bubbly server of bubbly beverages boasted.

Meanwhile, I had pulled a flush.

She looked at my screen.

"Oh, and you - you got alllll the diamonds!"

"I guess we'd be... eating hotdogs?" said the Quad Queen.

"I like eating hotdogs," I added.

"Yeah, I like hotdogs sometimes. Actually... I haven't had lunch yet..." said the cocktail waitress, just kind of letting it hang out there.

I paused a moment and finally provided the next line of dialogue.

"Have a hotdog."

But she didn't really respond to the idea.

We were both completely fucking baffled. So... if you have lots of Aces you could eat a lot of hotdogs, so that would mean that they're really special, but you wouldn't think of having one for lunch? When you haven't eaten lunch and are in the midst of an intense hotdog discussion?

Fortunately, there were no further exclamations about tubular meats.

I've left a lot of cards on these machines over the last few trips. Not sure if anyone except the cleaning staff finds them.

There were a few quads and a shot at a second Royal on the Quad Queen's part, but we didn't really do too will in this session.

A brief moment of triumph before I played it all back.
I spy with my Flusher eye... something that is stuck to the bar.
I took a quick look at the Ground Zero machine and made sure it was properly branded. The next stop, the Mikes bar, was disastrous.

Didn't matter what we tried, nothing was coming. I took a bath there. You'll note there are no photos.

Four Queens women's restroom cupholders. In case of turbulence. Photo: Quad Queen.
Our plans for the evening included riding the interstellar acid express bus, and eating dinner back at Luxor, space time permitting.

Outside, it was fairly chilly, and Fremont Street was in her glory, full of garish color, hawkers, and nine or ten plastic bucket drummers.

The first few times we visited Vegas, the Experience was under construction. I still remember the first time we ever made it downtown on our second or third trip, the canopy was partly constructed.

Some months after that, with the display completed, I saw the light show for the first time. It was awe inspiring. The quality wasn't too high, but it beat the bulbs off anything else out there. You could see the groups of three lights that made up the pixels pretty easily.

When the time was right, and Fremont was coming into its own, the display was upgraded. What a difference!

And now, after some 20 years, there's a third version of the canopy screen and, well, it's finally, after all these years, what was probably envisioned but technically unattainable. The screen is beautiful and the colors pop.

As we waited for the WAX, the hourly show started and an amazing sight appeared, away from the canopy.


The WAX appeared on time and whisked us down to Tropicana, just outside, well, Tropicana. The evening was nice enough that we opted to walk outside and enjoy some fresh(er) air, rather than go through Excalibur.

The steakhouse at Luxor, Tender, had no problem seating us as walkups.

Tender Steakhouse at Luxor.

We planned to use up the rest of the $200 resort credit ($100 from my offer, and $100 for 'having to' stay in the Pyramid Suite).

I hate to complain after the fact, since I didn't tell our waiter - okay, so I LOVE to complain after the fact - whatever.

But we gave some very clear instructions about our order. The steak was to be bear. Nothing on it. No salt. No pepper. No spices. Nothing. And there was to be no lemon in, on, or around anything, due to allergies.

Steak arrived nestled in a bath of spice. Crab arrived with a nice juicy lemon on the plate.

You know how it is, sometimes you just don't want to fight that battle. The net result is... we won't be back. (You'll see in a few posts a similar meal at Redwood Steakhouse, and I can tell you, it beat Tender hooves down.)

Plus it was Christmastime. So I didn't even dock the guy on the tip.

He got the full 7%.

Oh, come down from there, he got 18%, okay? Didn't deserve it either, but Christmas karma.

Anyway, we split the steak and crab, sort of surf and turf and surf and turf and green shit.

Weirdo crab legs, eh?
After dinner, we battled in the casino again. I had a win. And the Quad Queen had a win on Slutty Times Pay.

I loaded up the corner five numbers so that I had every possible group of four with 3 nickels bet, and then the five with 8 nickels bet. If it came in, I wanted a decent win.

It was $1.15 a spin, and I went through some dough getting there, but it finally happened.

All the four out of fours and the five out of five for 7,077 nickels, or $385.35. Take that Dr. keNo!

A nice triple quad for the QQ.
All in all, it was a great day. It's always a great day when one of us gets a Royal. We settled in for a good night, our last in the Luxor Pyramid Suite.

For tomorrow we would head downtown to the California and lots of downtown messing about!

Day 3Result
Royal Flusher-$230
Quad Queen$570
Combined Total$340

Trip So FarResult
Royal Flusher-$640
Quad Queen$270
Combined Total-$370

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    1. We've eaten at Tender once on a Myvegas half comp. I thought it was extraordinarily average at best with terrible service even though it was dead inside.


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