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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Molten Neon, Slivers of Ice

We stepped out of the Fremont to find that the desert rain had turned the streets of glitter gulch into irridescent molten neon.

Day 7 part 3

Day 7 part 3

The skies opened up and blessed the city with something that was real, not part of the city's mass illusion - a good hard rain to wash away the remnants of broken Vegas dreams and shattered lives away, at least for a day.

We deked through Binions to avoid the worst of it, and made our way back to the Cal.

We worked our way through the casino and across the bridge to Main Street, whereupon I missed YET ANOTHER $500 kicker.

Four 4s with a 7? $100.

Four 4s with, say, a 3? $500.

Anyway, a win is a win, aggravating though it might be to miss out on an opportunity. Golly, I guess I can expand on that kind of positive thinking by saying a $100 win is a $100 win and is definitely NOT a $500 win which it would have been if I'd gotten the bloody kicker. Harumph!

Main Street Station has charm. And video keno.

Quad Queen Quad Queen. Two for the price of one.
I moved over onto one of the upright machines with decent video keno, but mine wasn't hitting. At all. So, I perused the available video poker games and found full pay Jacks. And that's what I got, Jacks, four of 'em.

Another view. We love casino pics, don't we?!

The Quad Queen had wandered around and settled in on Triple Play so at an appropriate moment, I cashed out and joined her.

Managed Quad threes. No kicker though. This had gotten old.

We'd gotten word that my cousins, the Manitoba crew, had finally arrived, with the exception of BomberGal, who was scheduled to land a couple of days later.

They were at the Golden Gate, so as soon as we could finish up at Main Street, we headed up to Fremont. By the time we got to the Gate, they were at Binions. This was to be a recurring theme as we tried to meet up throughout the trip.

We had some bidness to take care of at the Gate - getting free play and match plays from our various coupon books. Those things are gold.

While standing at the club desk, Gambletron and Mrs. Gambletron arrived. They carted us back over to Binions where the Shiboubous were holding court. Finally we found them and had a very happy reunion.

I wanted some group photos so I got them moving in that direction, but started snapping pics long before anyone was in a pose of any sort. Quite often I get great natural smiles and this was no exception - the only problem was that they didn't occurred all in one photo at the same time.

The Manitoba Crew
From the left Mrs. Dr. Raoul Shiboubou, CFO of the Penguin Development Corp dynasty run by hubby, CPO* Dr. Raoul Shiboubou. I hear the price of Emperor penguin leather is up 25% a square foot. Next is Mrs. and Mr. Gambletron. This is the first time all of us have managed to be in Vegas at the same time. I've had a few meet-ups with Dr. Raoul and Tron but not the others.

Where are Mrs. and Mr. Flusher in all this???

Right here.

There will probably be a day when I expose myself. But not yet. And not without good legal representation.

For some reason, Binions was about 9,000 degrees inside. OK, that's not really what I meant to say, obviously that's unrealistic.

Actually, it was 9,000 degrees hotter than the surface of the sun inside.

So, we made our way back over to the Gate where we tried out various machines here and there. Finally the guys gravitated to a blackjack table, which we commandeered for our own exclusive purposes.

Mrs. Shiboubou watched, insisting that she was bad luck for the table should she dare to play. This turned out to be accurate.

Mrs. Gambletron was off banging on some video slots, and the Quad Queen was saddled up at the bar, playing 50 cent Boner Deluxe and getting hit on by a truck driver. 100% true.

We got the blackjack going, and weighed when to use our match play chips. I had three $25 ones, and Dr. Raoul and Tron both had a number of them.

The first dealer we had was great. She had everything you want in a dealer. Pleasant. Smiling. And dealing us almost nothing but winning hands.

The music was pounding and the drinks were flowing. After a while, Mrs. Tron joined us, so we had a nice group to visit with.

I ordered a Maker's rocks and when it came it was a huge glass vat of amber.

I smiled at the CW. "Sorry, ummm I wanted a Maker's rocks - if you could bring a glass with some ice - "

"That is a Maker's Rocks," she said.

I held the glass to the light and sure enough - there were two slivers of ice in there.

"Good enough for me!"

I won my first match play. On the second one, I pushed a couple of times and finally lost. I saved number three for later.

The dealers changed out and that's when it got crazy.

Our new dealer was cute, petite, and had makeup that would have made Amy Winehouse jealous. Huge swaths of eyeshadow, bold streaks of liner, and a smile that only happened when she meant it.

But I came to realize that this woman was a total pro at getting the table vibe the way she wanted it. She knew how to get each of us into the game, and turn on our fun switches. That sounds way better than it really is, but you know what I mean? She ran things beautifully.

I played a hand or two and then was dealt a blackjack.

The dealer held out the palm of her hand toward me. She didn't say anything. She waited.

I sort of instinctively raised my hand also and received a soft high five. Okay, fair enough.

Thing were going okay for all of us and I went for my third $25 match play. It won. The dealer's palm appeared again, floating above the table, facing me.

I turned to Mrs. Tron who was on my right and said, "For some reason the dealer keeps wanting to touch me."

I played dumb for a bit, and then finally obliged. I'm not really one for cheering every stupid little thing that happens at the table, high fiving and celebrating every time somebody wins.

But Maker's Mark...

We were all upping our bets a bit and I hit another good blackjack. She paid me and finished out the hand with the others.

And the hand came out again. But this time I turned my palm over, fingers facing up. She shrugged and did the high five that way, but it wasn't what I had in mind.

"GIMME PAW!" I shouted, wiggled my fingers, and howled like there was a full moon.


She got it. A little finger wiggle back.

A few hands later, Dr. Raoul had won a black chip somehow - and he pushed the thing out to bet it all. $100 on the hand.

He won and next thing you knew Doc and I were "AROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Before you new we were all cheering every stupid little thing that happened at the table, high fiving, giving paw, and celebrating with a howl every time somebody won. What a riot!

Dr. replayed that black chip about four times. Later he said it was just to freak out the Mrs. I think it worked out in every respect.

Time to color?
Along the way, I threw a few red chips to Mrs. Doc so she could join in the fun. She had given fair warning that she was a cooler, and after two immediate losses for the table, I took the remainder back.

Then I felt bad, and tossed back the ones I'd reneged on and she promptly lost those too.

But we rolled on, and I was winning quite a few hands, and tipping like crazy. The help was coming as our dealer saved me from a couple of mistakes.

The Quad Queen and I had dinner reservations at (where else) the Redwood Steakhouse, so she wandered over and pretty soon I got the feeling it was time to color up. You get that feeling that things have turned and that's when you should get out.

And I did. I ended up with about $345 or something. I'd thrown $5 to the dealer at the end, and tipped about $10 as we went, plus the chips I'd given to Mrs. Doc, so altogether I'd won around $375 on a $100 buy-in with the help of three match plays, two great dealers, and a hell of a lot of paw.

It was one hell of a lot of fun, and my best blackjack session in a long, long time.

Redwood Steakhouse.

Redwood was great again, and this time I went for the crab cakes, which was actually a single very large ball. I think the execution on this one was not quite as good as the ones I'd gotten used to. They are better as smaller, thinner cakes. I still ate every morsel.

If this is a crab ball, how do they swim???
We did the double bone in rib-eye plus a lobster tail. It sounds like a lot of food, and it was - but we had big rib-eye plans, as you'll soon see.

I needed to do some surveillance on a nearby couple that looked fishy to me, so I deployed the mobile olive listening device. The last time I used this, I was on a Day trip on a glass-bottomed boat. This time, I was on a bottomless drink. You can't see it in the pic, but little antennas come up and I can drive the olive around to where I need it.

Add caption
About half of each steak went into take-away boxes, and I had room enough for their amazing creme brulet.

After dinner, we played some old machines, and mine had a screen that flashed between messed up dark colors and regular colors. It was trippy. I loved it until I had a couple of video seizures.

We didn't win anything and the Quad Queen had had enough.

I kept at it and decided to do $100 on 50 cent Double Double Bonus.

Guess what.


I sure could have used the $1000 for the kicker, but I guess $400 would have to do - because it had been just such a fun day. Cousins. Amy Winehouse dealing. Match plays. Maker's. Winning. Free steak and lobster.

Goddammit, there's my argument for Vegas right there!

*CPO - Chief Penguin Officer

Day 7Result
Royal Flusher$105
Quad Queen$-35
Combined Total$70

Trip So FarResult
Royal Flusher$-635
Quad Queen$1195
Combined Total$420

Gimme Paw!!!


    1. Congrats on the 4 pointies...although it looks like a $400 win rather than a $200 win! Ahh Makers Math, I get it now!


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