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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Open Up the Golden Gate

I hit ten fours of a kind on video poker before breakfast. And I can prove it.

Day 8

It was Christmas Eve Day Morning and the furniture was acting possessed, like it often does around various pagan holidays, particularly those that happen around the solstice.

Yesterday I'd walked out of the bathroom in our luxury accomodations at the California, and just about done a header by almost tripping on a drawer that was left fully pulled out.

But the Quad Queen insisted she hadn't pulled it out (nor would she have any reason to, unless she was trying to off me for my match play coupons) and we put it down to weirdness.

This morning, on my way out the door, I looked back and... it was happening again.

Either these drawers were haunted by spirits from the Furniture Beyond, or Egon Mukx was at work, trying to thwart my attempts to spy on his evil goings on.

We closed them up, but the next time we returned to the room... there they were again. Sneaking their way open, trying to trip us up.

The Egon Mukx Drawers of Death
My game of choice this morning was the single line Double Super Slutty Sloppy Times Pay - the one opposite Green Boy. Yep, that's the one, and who cares.

I really like this game. You can get a spinner on the Deal, and it spins and you go oooh I hope it's a good multiplier, and then you get it, and you get the rest of your cards and go oooh I hope I have a good dealt hand and then you hold your cards and go oooh I hope I get a second backdoor multiplier especially if you have a good dealt hand and then you go oooh I got one I hope it is a good backdoor multiplier, and then hopefully you win a wet pantload of money.

I decided to keep the volatility down, way down, so I went for Jacks or Better. Not Bonus, not Boner Deluxe, Not Double Double... plain old Jacks.

So I'm playing away - minding my own business - and I get dealt a few cards and a spinner and I go oooh I hope it's a good spinner and it is - it's a 10x one.

My hand is three sevens - an excellent start, and so I hit Draw and think oooh I hope I get a quad - and I did! Or, actually ten quads - or at least, the fiduciary equivalent thereof.

It's so nice to get something decent with a 10x multiplier! Great start to my day.

I had breakfast at the counter and when the Quad Queen came down to the casino, we played around on this and that. Here are some highlights (i.e. pictures of gambling screens) - one for her, one for me.

One of the coupons we did at the Golden Gate was to earn free play based on however many points you got. QQ opted to pick them up today, rather than last night - you have 24 hours in which to earn.

We played in the alcove a bit before connecting with the Manitoba Crew over at the Golden Gate.

QQ's deuces kicker on Jacks. Yay verily yay. At least it was at 50 cents.

We fucked around at the Gate a bit playing this and that and finally the Quad Queen was ready to pick up her free play, which amounted to some $15 or something.

Golden Gate casino.
Also the Golden Gate casino.
Where to play it?...

She opted for the bar. Choice of games? Bonus Poker Plus, with the premium on Aces and 2s, 3s, 4s - no kickers needed.

With the Crew gathered nearby, no doubt she was feeling the pressure. Well, she delivered.

Dammit if she didn't hit the Aces from two, and on freeplay again! A really nice $300 win. Those coupon books paid for themselves literally 8.063 times over (so far).

Well that was great. Not to be outdone, I thought I'd give it a shot, and have a shot.

She cashed out the ticket at an even number and put in $20. You know what happened next. Yup, I ordered a drink. Oh, and I got me a Boner Deluxe quad for $100.

I still had a ticket with $17 or something on it from the day before, so I went to go play it on Buffalo. No sense in cashing it in, what would I do with cash anyway? Just put it in a machine!

I had a nice little run on Buffalo and doubled my twenty. Now that I cashed out.

Back at the bar, the QQ was still being good to her name, getting a Boner of her owner.

We'd had a busy time already but there were still a few things left to do before we executed the next exciting step of our trip plan.

Warning - Bonus Poker at the bar at the Gate is a short pay disaster. Pays 5 for two pair instead of 10. Avoid it!


    1. I noticed you held the kicker (a few days back) when dealt 3 Aces - why? Isn't it better to just hold the Aces and give yourself 2 shots to get another? Yes, no? Maybe? :o)

    2. On Triple Double Bonus, the better play mathematically is to hold the kicker with AAA. In other words, if you had this same hand many times over, you'd win more with this hold. It's even worth breaking an AAA full house to go for the Aces on this game.

      Same hold for 2s,3s,4s kicker - hold the kicker.

    3. Interesting! I'd absolutely break up the full house, but still hesitate to hold the kicker, as I play short term. Really enjoy your trip reports, and the semi-reveal of you and the Quad Queen. You are both as I've imagined, haha.


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