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Monday, January 27, 2020

Savvy Christmas!

Like a little kid with a dollar in his hand skipping along to the store, I got distracted. I know I said I was out the door on the way to Peppermill, but that's not exactly true.

Day 9 part 2

I saw my old friends, the two Game Kings that stand as sentinels guarding the entrance to the Encore casino, and greeting warmly those who have the stringent entrance credentials (money, and a shirt with sleeves).

Video keno had been good to me here before, why not now? Why not indeed?!

One thing I've noticed about video keno hits - they happen right away, and if not, after a long period of play, unless they happen after a moderate amount of play.

First of all, isn't it fascinating that I keep getting these video keno hits. And second, even when playing two groups of five numbers, it's the faves in the upper right corner that have been coming in way more often.

Maybe I should just ditch the little starburst anus design, even though it's got 69 in the center.

Now I stepped out of Encore, and down the sidewalk. And it was windy. People were wearing ski jackets and parkas and toques. I was freezing my ass off in my shorts and skimpy t-shirt (with sleeves though).

The Resorts World (aka Twynn) is looking really good. I hope this isn't another FountainBlew tease and they actually do open and beef up the Strip with some exciting new stuff.

I finally completed my pilgrimage to Tacos El Gordo - only to find them lined up out the door, even though it isn't even lunchtime yet. Now what???

I am just freezing. I can't do a line-up outside. I just can't. I cried a few ice-cubes down my frozen cheeks and pressed on.

Time for my backup plan - the Peppermill.

And a Savvy Christmas to you too, Peppermill!
Oh how I love this place. I love everything about it, even the 10 egg omelets. I do wonder what will happen with Tacos El Gordo and the Peppermill when Resorts World opens up. To paraphrase that baseball guy, will anybody be able to get in at all when it's so crowded?

Being as it was Christmas morning, the place was packed. I didn't even consider a table, it had to be the counter! There was a lineup for that as well, but not too bad. I put my name in for a spot 'hopefully near a giant vat of butter'.

I wish the whole world could be decked out in these colors.
I made some smalltalk with the couple next to me. They were from California. They have been to Vegas a lot. They too had stayed at the Westward Ho.

One thing we agreed on - the servers weren't just good - they are actually extremely skilled. It was amazing to watch them handle order after order, carrying 19 plates at once, grinding coffee with a foot while buttering toast - like a culinary ballet.

And the food coming out of the kitchen! Stunning, and totally over the top. Wonderful stuff.

I ordered some sort of egg thing on top of a bowl full of sausage, peppers, and other assorted prizes. It took a while to show up, but boy was it worth the wait. Delicious!

Doesn't that look nice? Here, I'll lift the hood for ya.

Munch's Breakfast

Here's the menu description:

MUNCH’S BREAKFAST*...........................................................................16.50
Sautéed peppers, onions, linguica sausage, mushrooms and tomatoes, stirred into our hash browns, topped with three eggs any style and finished with cheddar and jack cheeses, served with toast or muffin.

I wonder if I could have each of the three eggs a different any style?

All I need is some vinyl gloves and a giant vat of butter.

Shopping consisted of comparing prices of hooch at CVS compared to the liquor store across the street. Jameson's was ten bucks less, so done deal. I got my goods over there.

Then I returned to CVS to load up on water and whatnot. I'd brung a shopping bag with me like the room camping pro that I am - good thing too, I never would have made it back to Wynn with just plastic bags cutting into my hands.

I must have had 58 pounds of various fluids with me. I had to stop a few times and switch the heaviest stuff from paw to paw. But I didn't dawdle - it was even colder going into the wind.

Finally I was in Encore and I texted the Quad Queen to meet me at those lucky machines guarding the casino.

Pretty soon she showed up and helped me hump that stuff back to the cave. I mean room.

But then came the very best part of Christmas Morning - I unpacked my stocking onto the table and showed her what I'd been up to.

"Well!" I said, standing back proudly. "What do you think?"

I gestured at the $1,090.29 worth of winnings on the table.

"Your smell like you've been in a vat of butter."

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    1. Is that guy on the right in the booth at the peppermill getting a groin massage from his buddy's foot under the table or what? Whatever's going on, he looks really happy.


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