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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Shin Lim and Some Scottish Guy

With 20 minutes to get to the Shin Lim show, we burped our way out of the coffee shop. But which way to go? Take the tram? How long would we wait? Was the front way fast enough?

Day 6 part 4

But I figured if the tram wasn't running - a distinct possibility - we'd have to retrace our steps big time. It would be best to exit T.I., walk up the strip a bit, and head into Mirage.

How long could it even take to get to the theatre, anyway? I was probably in a Kung Pao huff for nothing.

There on the Mirage sign - Shin Teeny Tiny Lim.
I grabbed some pics on the fly - most of them turned out shitty.

The Mirage volcano ejaculates as Shin Lim looks on through the treetops.
Everything worked out - we even had time for a pitstop in Mirage. I suppose we needed have hurried so much, but I really wanted to see Mr. Lim make some cards disappear or reappear or whatever.

What a gorgeous-looking restaurant this is.
I looked at tickets on various sites, and finally went at it through my MGM Resorts MILF account - and I kind of think it made a difference. The tickets weren't too horribly expensive, and we were eight rows from the front - close enough to heckle Shin Lim or throw a frozen kiwi at him or something if he fucked up.

On our way to a pretty good seat. Better than yours, you chumps!
I took a few pics, including one of the crowd of chumps behind us who were all in shitty chump seats. This guy did what I would have done, bless his little chump heart.

LIM-itless. Shin Lim. LIM-itless... get it? Eh? get it?
Thank goodness we were in our seats just before 7:30. On each seat in the theatre, there was a little enveloped marked "Don't open until Shin says to".

"Are we supposed to open these now?" I asked loudly. Yeah. Me. Loudly.
The show started promptly, and right on time - about 15 minutes later. I had burpy Kung Pao indigestion for nothing.

The lights dimmed, people clapped, and out walked... some guy. Some guy that wasn't Shin Lim.


The tickets said "Show Begins Promptly - No Opening Act".

Let me cut to the chase. The show was billed as Shin Lim: Limitless. But along with Mr. Lim came some Scottish mind reader guy named Colin Cloud.

Now, Colin Cloud was extremely entertaining and did some pretty astounding things in his own right. He's witty, charming and funny.

And he took up half the show.

So, we only got to see Lim's Shin, not the whole Shin Lim. If you decide to go, you will be entertained - just be aware that it won't always be by Shin Lim.

Fixed your poster.
To be fair, on my search for the artwork above, I did see some versions that include Some Scottish Guy on them. But the Mirage version... I never came across it or had any idea that it wasn't all Lim.

So I guess there are some Limits after all.

One of the first tricks Shin did involved us opening up the little envelopes that said not to open until he said. But he said, and we did.

Guess what was in there?

Playing cards.

We did a trick that involved doing a bunch of stuff with the cards, including tearing some up, with a surprising result at the end that left everyone surprised. (I'm not going to ruin it, but Ima let Taylor Swift talk in just a minute.)

Another trick was kind of great but also kind of not so great. A guy picked a card and next thing you knew there were things with his card on them all over the theater. Like many of them.

That left me with the thought that the only trick was making it look like it was a free choice of cards, when it was not. There's no other way to make it work. So that kinda blew.

Shin took some time to tell about how he cut off his thumb accidentally and replaced it with a unicorn's penis had it re-attached etc.

All in all, we really enjoyed the show. Shin Lim was truly amazing, and we were close enough to watch for reals instead of having to see it on the video monitors. It's close-up card magic, and you need to be, well, close up.

I think we need to go to at least one or two shows each trip, there's something about that experience that is so Vegas, especially when you all pour out of the casino 77 minutes after the show started and run for the washrooms. And then gamble.

We headed back to the rideshare area after making a false start out in front of Mirage.

I left a card in a secret location, clearly pictured below.

It was a fairly uneventful ride back to Main Street Station, and we commenced to gambling.

Before long the Quad Queen had one of those single card draws of her own. Four-to-a-Royal on five play!

The best she got out of her five chances at a Royal was a flush.

But guess what?

Five minutes later, her second Royal Flush of the trip!!! In diamonds again. From three. Go figure.

Now that's a real card trick.

I'm so glad she got that second royal - I was happy for her of course, but it helped balance me. Because I had a terrible time of it after the show, hitting nothing.

I went through my $300 budget. I went through my $120 donation mad money that we won't discuss. I went through another hundred that the Quad Queen gave to me. OK, lent.

On the day, I figure I had just one quad.

We still had the $25 food chit from the kiosk game, so we thought we'd go to the Cal, go to the counter, order sandwiches or something, and take them up to the room for tomorrow. So we made it to the counter, menus in hand, I check the chit, and it says it's only good at Main Street and only good today. It's about 11:40 PM.

The Quad Queen packed it in but I was thinking I'll be fucked if I don't get something for this $25 food voucher after the ass lashing I took at Main Street.

Brilliantly, I headed to the Triple Seven. Brilliantly, I ordered a lucky Heineken, and ordered a pizza. I figured I'd have a slice, and then take the rest back to the room and stuff it in the fridge.

The World's Largest Water

Oh my gawwwwwd. The pizza was sooo good! Piping hot, amazing crust, lots of sauce. I had cheese, sausage, and jalapenos on it.

I wasn't even hungry and I ate half the damn pie right then and there, and waddled the rest to the room.

Day 6Result
Royal Flusher$-500
Quad Queen$400
Combined Total$-100

Trip So FarResult
Royal Flusher$-740
Quad Queen$1230
Combined Total$490

Bonus Secret Recording Transcript of the Events at Mirage Made Long After The Fact Late In The Evening After Consumption

RF: "We enjoyed the show. Goodz show. I was a bit disappointed that it was only half Shim Lim. If that. Half-ofit was zis other guy - Boner McDougally or some fucking thing. Craig Bonerboi - whasas his name?"

QQ: "Some Cloud guy."

RF: "Stony Cloudfuck or something... he was a mentalist mind reader hypnotist fake. He was very entertaining, actually."

QQ: "He was the Irish Kreskin."

RF: "Was he... Irish?"

QQ: "Fuck yeah."

Sincere apologies to the very skillful and engaging Scottish entertainer Colin Cloud for denigrating your profession and good name. We regret it. Apologies also to Boner McDougally, Craig Bonerboi, and Stony Cloudfuck.

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