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Friday, January 17, 2020

Sour Baby

Main Street Station is many gamblers' favorite casino, and there's lots of reasons why - scratch cards, the buffet, 3:2 blackjack, Boars head bar, coin droppers, 100x odds on craps, Triple Seven - and in our case, the kiosk swipe.

Day 6 part 2

For downtowners, this pic is as obligatory as the Welcome to Las Vegas pic in the airport.
It seemed likely that we might win brunch, and if not, we'd probably get some freeplay, so we did the kiosk thing first, earning the needed five tier points and then swiping.

I even got that fourth king.

I picked a terrible paytable on purpose, playing dimes, and I earned my tier points in no time. But the Quad Queen had to keep playing and going back and swiping and playing and swiping. Sometimes I would go and swipe on her behalf.

You can kinda tell that the kiosks get a lot of visitors.
"Play something shitty!" I harped.

Finally, success. Sure enough, we got food money, but the buffet line was stupid long. I stashed my $25 food comp slip in my gambling wallet and we regrouped.

We also got freeplay, so we donked that off.

I did wonder if the comp would qualify us to use the fast lane at the buffet, but finally we said 'fuck it'. We'd hit Magnolia's instead.

There are two five dollar machines against the wall near the 777 brewpub (used to be just one) and I happened to see a lucky couple hit a beauty hand pay.

They let me take a photo - so this is NOT a win by us, it's some random stranger.

Lucky bastards. Not our win, but I wish it was.

In my life I have yet to line up three Double Diamond symbols. I play it every trip in various guises but it never comes in for me. Next time!

It's so great being a cheap bastard. We used a coupon to get a buy one get one free for Magnolia's (which had properly reopened with no major changes - just a good cleaning).

Not only that, we'd pay for the bill with points. And not only that we'd get a 20% discount for being and old unruly fuck.

If you are at Magnolia's, be sure to ask for the Old Unruly Fuck discount. I get it every single time without even asking.

I was happy to see Sugar Baby, resplendent in her Cowboys football jersey and we got seated in her section. Big hugs all around. She calls me Sugar Baby. It used to be just Baby but I'm special, so I got the Sugar Baby added. I call her Sugar Baby now in return.

I wonder cards left in these displays hang around for. I leave one almost every time I dine at Magnolia's. Because Old Unruly Fuck.
Guess what I ordered?

C'mon, guess.

Righteous Country Throw-up Gravy

Club sandwich and fries.
Sugar Baby asked me what my team was.

"The Roughriders."

"The who?"

"The Saskatchewan Roughriders... nevermind. I don't have an NFL team."

"Well, what about Dallas," she asked.

"Dallas?... Do they have a team?"

"That's IT. You're Sour Baby now. No more Sugar Baby!"

They had a pretty nice Christmas tree set up in the restaurant, so on the way out, I defiled it with one of my Official Business Cards v. 2.0. Can you spot it?

After breakfast, we headed for the Mikes bar. My notes indicate 'this is where it all came unravelled'.

I put in twenty after twenty and ended up dumping $180. The Quad Queen, in spite of hitting a set of 3s (no kicker, though), dumped $140.

The bar Double Double progressive has been incredibly bad for me on this trip. But that's how she goes.

We had a bash at some uprights, Jacks and whatnot - again it was Mrs. F that brought in the foursomes - I just couldn't force 'em.

Bad to worse.

Back at the Cal, I was drawn to the fuzzy screened machine with the weird games on it, like Ultra Bonus and Bonus Poker Plus, which is like Boner Deluxe and then some - any quad pays 500 credits.

Well, I tamed that one, getting what was my only quad of the day, deuces. Bully for me.

It's tough to make losing for a few hours seem interesting to read. It's nigh impossible.

Fortunately, we had a distraction from gambling planned for the evening - we'd Lyft down to T.I., have a drink and eat dinner there, and then see the amazing Shin Lim at Mirage, who, among other things, is the 2015 world FISM champion.

It would be cool to see someone do something with some real cards for a change.

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At the same time, we're trying something new to help cover the admin costs of running the site to make it easier to support us. Let's see how it goes, and maybe we can reduce ads further if we get a few cups of coffee out of our savvy readers.

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    1. So sad when the VIP's VP is MIA on the 4OAK.
      Shim Lim?? At TI?? I thought the US had placed a mighty large tariff on Canadian Magician imports.
      We gotta get Lance Burton back to work.


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