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Friday, January 10, 2020

The Twelve Days of Comping

With all my candlestein activities (yes, that's on porpoise) complete, I took the incubator back up to the sweet and finished packing.

The Quad Queen was ready to go, and the only thing left was to do a final walkthrough to make sure we hadn't left any gold bars or frankincense behind, and to check the room account.

It looked good with a balance of $33.47 owing - the unearned tip at Tender Steakhouse. How can one complain, though? One can't. Two probably could, and seven definitely would, but one? Nopers.

Day 4 part 2

There's no point in spending time on a photoshop - might as well make it bad!
We went out the front doors with all our gear, and I guess I made a booboo. Because the Prime Now guy had dropped stuff off at the main entrance, I thought there was still a rideshare pickup there. There used to be, but no more - you have to go to the North Entrance.

After enjoying the sun on a beautiful Vegas morning for 18 seconds, we shlepped our way to the appointed place, summoned a ride, and headed down I-15 for the California.

The Stayjum looks like a real thing now.
I'd like to say the trip was uneventful, but it wasn't. The driver almost killed us once, and other drivers almost killed us once. We were seriously close to being in accidents.

Then the driver sat on the I-15 in a traffic jam. In the slowest lane. Never moved. Fifteen minutes went by. Thirty minutes went by. Finally the guy got off at Charleston. Should have bailed much sooner.

It took almost an hour to get downtown.

I might as well say it now, on this trip we had a string of really shitty, weird, or both Lyft drivers, and the way they handle the interstate had me scared.

And why is it in almost every vehicle I ride in in Vegas is the rear suspension shot? Seriously, is it all the hotel speedbumps?

Lyft rides should not be stressing me out on vacation but I began dreading them. Is Uber any better?

I don't think Lyft are vetting their drivers carefully enough.

The California and the skeleton of the Circa, which will one day circumcise the California.
Even though it was only late morning, we got a room straight away, and just where I wanted it - west tower, west side, up high.

Next stop, casinoing!

After some play, at the slot club, we got our free play loaded. I had booked a few nights on my offer, and the Quad Queen booked a couple on hers. That way we'd get both offer's free play and food bucks.

There was some kind of kiosk promotion on that in essence baffled us. Because there was two promotions on. I had a go at the kiosk for two different games, one from the offer, and one from the Twelve Days of Handing Out Freebies promo. But the Quad Queen got hers when we were on my offer. In fact, she got three kiosk games this day. And we both got two more spins the next day.

We never did figure out the room-related one, but the Twelve Days one, we finally understood. You had to earn 5 tier credits to get a swipe. One swipe per day per downtown property (Cal, MSS, Fremont).

Let me tell you - we made out like a bandit on day one. I got $50 freeplay and $75 food, and the Cal Queen got $25 food, plus a buffet, plus $25 freeplay. It looked like the $25 in food had to be used the same day, at the Cal only. No problem there.

We played some in the casino.

I didn't do too well, but the Quad Queen did. She starting getting some quads and just never stopped.

In the midst of all this, I got hungry for lunch, which I ate alone at the coffee shop.

Quad Queen Jacks
I'm not a big soup guy but I've found the soups at the Market Street Cafe to be excellent. I don't even like clams, let alone their chowder, but I ate every bit of the soup. Or is it drank?

My lunch was the Get Me a Sweater It's Chilly in Here Senior Special Half Sandwich and Soup and Salad Bar. It's kind of a signal to the I.S.G.s that I am available for a rendezvous in the casino during which time I would absorb admiring glances while holding chairs, fetching hankies and the like.

Turkey sandwich, clam chowder, salad bar. Is that an I.S.G. giving me the cataract-eye, or is it getting chilly enough to ask for my sweater?!!!

Attentive readers will know the significance of this photo of a diminutive Snickers. More of a Snicker, really, it's so tiny.

After lunch, I found some machines that had something for everyone. As in both of us.

They are slant tops. There video keno paytables are decent. There is 9/6 Double Double. They are placed in a prime people-watching location with great drink service.

Downside? It's only 4 Card Keno, not the Multicard Keno with 20 cards that I like.

Mrs. Flusher joined me continued her epic quad run. I don't know how she does it.

But she does it.

First, she hit Deuces and got the kicker.

Then she hit threes, but no kicker.
After those two hits, she cashed out a ticket for five bills.

Then she put in some money and started again. Meanwhile I was plugging away on Keno, with not much luck yet.

As mentioned, I've missed money when playing 4 Card Keno when I play some group of numbers, and some subgroups of those numbers. The smaller hits keep you going to get to the big one.

But say you want to play a six spot as the big fish - you can't cover all the five spots in the three remaining cards. So you could get five hits, but not get a five out of five.

To keep from disappointment, I kept it very simple. I played two groups of five numbers and loaded them up on two cards each.

Yup, I was betting a cool 16 nickels on each and every spin.

Has it really come to this??? Really???

She did it again! No kicker, though.

This is the point where wonder changes over to annoyance, jealousy, and anger, on my part.
QQ's Dealt Pointies. No kicker, though.
All of a sudden, I was in the mix too, nailing one of my fives for $324

We found a couple of new style machines with all kinds of carny video poker games on them and bashed around on them for a while. Even these did not defeat the QQ.

On top of these, there are at least two of QQ's quads on Joker Poker that aren't pictured, and another five or six on other games including deuces that she hit throughout the day.

I had this idea that I wanted to walk into Binions, win money there, and then continue on to The D to  cash in the Keno ticket I'd bought the day before. And, I would buy a massive live Keno ticket so I could continue gambling at any and all times throughout the day and night.

So a walkabout was next. Could the Quad Streak Qontinue???

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    1. IMO, Uber has better drivers than Lyft, in Vegas and everywhere else. Keep the quads coming!


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