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Friday, January 3, 2020

The Wynn Buffet VIP Experience

Now that we were ensconced in the pyramid, it was time for our first activity - eat a free gratis buffet at Wynn, paid for with virtual gems.

For this trip, we intended to redeem for a few buffets on the Wynn Slots app, but it turned out buffet dates were blacked out throughout our trip, except for this very first day. Which was now evening.

Like the brave casino soldiers that we are, we had booked the buffet for two, and executed on our plan, grabbing a Lyft over to Wynn.

We had a quick gamble and headed for the buffet, only to find that there was a 45 minute to 1 hour wait.

There's a remedy for this - pony up $20 each for the 'VIP experience'.

In this case, being a VIP means that you get a glass of sparkly fun-juice, and you get to skip the line, which is full of the same unwashed peons that were blocking your way into the Lounge of Conceit at the train station.

Considering that the rack rate of this buffet meal for two was $112 dollars... and we were getting it for free... $40 didn't seem out of line to score an extra hour of vacation time. Not to mention that we were appropriately fatigued after a full day of traveling in luxury and extreme comfort.

Let the fools have their tar tar sauce.
You'll note there are no photos of the food that we 'ate' per se.

I'm sorry to say that this buffet, which used to be excellent, is now not excellent.

There weren't many good choices to be found in the salad area - too many goopy sauced up premade things (purchased?).

No king crab, snow crab.

So many of the foods look like they had been sitting way too long. I had some pot stickers that had to be hours old - old enough for the edges to dry out to crunchiness. Disgusting. There's no excuse for the state of so many of the foods, given that there was a lineup outside. It's not like they weren't busy!

The Quad Queen found a slab of meat to eat and not much else. The best thing I managed to find was some tacos that the guy fried up in front of me. They were delish because they were fresh. Nothing else was.

There is no way in hell this was worth $60 each and I'm so glad I didn't pay.

Dessert? There wasn't even creme brulee - just a bunch of fancy looking artificial color saturated shiny pieces of dessert crap.

This isn't the first time we've been disappointed by the buffet - it's been going downhill for a while. It's still better than many of the buffets out there, but premium? No way. Save your money.

We'd followed our plan, but we weren't off to a good start.

The next thing on the agenda was play some at Wynn and to put our Prime Now order in and return to Luxor just as it was being delivered.

And the Prime Now order plan was thwarted because it was too late to schedule delivery. We'd have to get it in the morning using the Prime Later service.

There are no gambling pics because we played only a little, and we each lost around $100 roughly. The real action would start the next day.

Back at Luxor, I grabbed a shower to get some travel grime off and we hit the hay. The Quad Queen was asleep in literally seconds, because she fired up the nasal woodchipper. I wasn't far behind.

Day 1 Result
Royal Flusher -$110
Quad Queen -$80
Total -$190


    1. If you want to splurge, and get your moneys worth, the buffet at Aria is pretty impressive.

    2. Disappointing to hear about Wynn's buffet going downhill. I really love their breakfast and lunch so i guess I'll use my gems for that and stay away from dinner.


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