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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Wee Three Game Kings From Orientar

I woke up Christmas morning and started the day by taking some hundred dollar bills from the Quad Queen. It was a good day already, and I went about making some filters-with-ears joe.

Day 9

She wasn't feeling so hot and had not had enough sleep, but that kind of meshed with my plans anyway.

I wanted to play in the casino for a while, and then have Christmas breakfast out - at Tacos El Gordo.

There were also some room camping supplies that were desperately needed - drinking water, and drinking firewater.

It looked like a pretty nice day out there, so I suited up in a t-shirt and shorts. I was adamant that I was going to escape the Canadian winter and wear summer clothes - surely the sun would keep me warm enough outside.

I trundled down to the casino and set about to see what the day held for me.

What better place to start than on the wee three Game Kings, since it was Christmas day. Within a few minutes I had a delicious cappuccino to complement my earlier filters-with-ears coffee and away I went, rushing headlong into immediate and complete video keno dink dink dink boredom.

I went for two five spot cards, and two four spot cards, a quarter each.

By God it came in AGAIN. Those corner numbers and me!

So that was a pretty good start to my day. I played it down to $250 or so and cashed out the ticket. Time to move on.

I wanted to see if the quarter video poker progressive had been hit yet - it was pretty high the night before. Well, it hadn't, and it was well over $2,000.

This kept my attention for a few twenties, and disappointed, I had to move on to some of Santa's Buffalo that pull the Volkswagen Microbus on skids. Or maybe it's a sleigh, not sure.

I put some money in, played, put a bit more money in, played, and got a bonus round. Woohoo!

I'd won sixteen bucks or something, which wasn't a big deal, but then I got some Bonus Wheelie or something and all of a sudden it was sixteen bucks times 10. Which equals enough to cash out and keep.

Yup, I won $164 and change, played a bit more, and then kept the win. Maybe I have learned something all these years, but it could simply be a massive coincidence.

I was dying to share all this good news with the Quad Queen via text, as usual, but I knew she was sleeping. So I had to keep it all to myself.

I like casinos in the morning before the throngs arrive and ruin it. I can zip around where I want, pretty much any machine I'm interested in is available, and I can run the reverse cocktail service trick.

CWs can be scarce in the early hours, and you could find yourself waiting for many precious drinkless minutes if things don't fall your way.

The way to deal with this is to circulate through the casino, using your super spy vision, until you see a cocktail waitress. Then stalk her.

I don't mean stalk her stalk her, I mean follow her without her knowing you're doing so, spy style. When she takes an order or hands off a drink to someone, you know the area she's working in.

Now you move in - INTERCEPT! You've got to get ahead of her and flag her down. If you've lived in New York, you'll have no problem with this. You give your order, and you indicate where you'll be, picking a spot on the fly.

Because it's so quiet in the casino, she'll have your drink pronto, and you can carry on.

The other way to go about it is to stake out the beverage entrance. I don't mean stake out stake out, I mean surreptitiously watch a given area, noting the comings and goings in a log book.

Hey, it's tough out here for a spy.

Larger casinos like Wynn have dedicated entrances to a hidden bar area where they order and pick up their drinks. Usually it's just an unmarked doorway.

Find that and plop yourself down and you'll soon be served.

I checked out some of the newer machines with 10,000 different games on them and the video keno looked not too shabby.

So, I tried a couple. These ones only allowed four cards at 25 cents, so I went for the two fives and two fours again.

By cracky! Does anyone say by cracky anymore? Of course not.

Holy shit! I hit the corner. Yes, I did, I hit it YET AGAIN.

Now I started to look around to see if security was stalking me, because it almost felt like I was taking advantage of a flaw in the video keno software.

But of course, this isn't so.

I'm just fucking lucky at video keno. For now.

Another ticket into the wallet and at this point, I was looking at a day that is already completely funded with winnings.

Wa-hooooo! It felt good, and I felt hungry, so I headed out across the Wynn casino, down the long hallway filled with useless stores that don't sell anything useful like cornmeal, gunpowder, ham hocks or guitar strings. Then across the Encore casino, and out the door.

I'd been craving Tacos El Gordo Al Pastor tacos off the trompo for weeks, nay, months. And the culinary mouth-party moment would soon be at hand.

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    1. I'm shocked to see that Wynn has "full pay" keno (I check the 4 spot and 100 for 4/4 is the top I've found). Good job on the hits!


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