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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Check Your Ball Frequency

It's always bitter sweet making the rounds to the various downtown casinos, knowing it'll be a while before you see them again. It's sweet taking their money, though.

Day 11 part 4

We had three coupons for $25 match plays at the D, and things had gone well on it, so that was our next stop. I like the fact that at the D (and Gate) they give you chips for the match plays. No screwing around with paper, ID, club cards and so on at the table.

The Quad Queen went off to play upstairs, and I went to play the match plays on blackjack. I had a keno ticket to check, so I'd meet up with her after.

I wandered along the thump thump pit at the D, looking for a ripe table to pillage. I found the perfect one, ready to deal, nobody on it. I don't like to interrupt the flow of a table just to dive in and out for a few matchplay hands. I also don't like anyone to see me screw up.

I bought in for $100 and got to it. Green chip into betting the circle and a $25 match play on top.

Won the hand. Won the second hand. Won the third hand. Nailed them all.

Upstairs, I showed the Quad Queen my booty. I showed her the chips, too.

Here's something I didn't know - apparently, judging from the keno printout I found sitting on a table, you can check your Ball Frequency by asking nicely at the desk.

Presumably, the printout is showing, for the games 940 through 959, how often each ball frequented.

We took the elevator downstairs, and I cashed in the chips. Because one of the coupons came from the Quad Queen's book, I gave her the $25 in profit from it. Don't worry, I'll weasel it back in some form or another sooner or later.

Our last stop downtown was the El Cortez. On the way, I spotted my steel drum guy, dropped a five-spot, and got a handshake. I always like seeing him.

I checked for messages and there was one from BomberGal: "We ate at the D Grill, where are you now?"

"We're at the El Cortez."

"We're at the Golden Gate. Come down."

They couldn't be further away downtown.

We walked down there and headed for the alcove, where our two favorite side-by-side dollar coin droppers are. The best of these is the 8/5 Bonus Poker machine that we've had a long, long relationship with.

And there it was - gone. Just... gone. Replaced with something else. Shit.

We hunted around but it was nowhere to be seen. This was incredibly sad.

"There's no reason for me to come here, anymore," lamented Mrs. F. I could see her point.

We did some kiosk stuff and a bit of freeplay couponing, and I bought my keno ticket for the road.

Before heading out, I led the Quad Queen to one of the Double Deuces coin droppers, back by Subway. Maybe she could work some magic there.

And I got a bright idea - I could grab a sub from Subway and take it back to the room for later. And that's what I did. I joined her for one last $20 bill in the 9/6 Double Double machine next to hers, but we both went out within a minute of each other.

It seems like bit by bit the fun and funky machines (and good paying machines) are being stripped from the El Cortez. Actually, it doesn't seem like that, it is like that. Hopefully they won't fuck up the blackjack and craps as well. Time will tell.

We grabbed a Lyft. I finally felt safe - our driver was Jesus.

Destination - Wynn, where we would make our last gambling stand of the trip.

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