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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Feed the Buddha

This is where it gets weird. Although, I suppose in Vegas, it's always getting weird.

Day 10 part 3

After arriving downtown, we played around, slotted around, gambled around, I couldn't hit anything.

There was nothing to take photos of. I might as well have taken photos of the floor, they'd be more interesting than the video poker screens I was seeing.

Oh my goodness it was getting bad. And the Quad Queen wasn't doing much better.

Seconds turned into minutes, which turned into those other bigger units of time measurement. Nothing.

Actually, a pretty interesting messed up floor photo. Binions carpet, I think.
I remarked to the Quad Queen that 'I need some luck, something has to happen. I need like, a dealt quad with multiplier or something'.

Feed the Buddha!

And it seemed like a good idea to go over and try the single line Super Times Pay.

I played a little while and there was a glimmer of hope - meaning that I wasn't simply getting killed hand after hand.

The game was Double Super Times Shitty Slutty Slimy Sloppy Pay. My weapon of choice? Boner Deluxe. I figured that if I was going to hit a quad, might as well make it count for something.

There are potentially multipliers when the cards are first drawn (oooooo!) and after you hold your cards, and draw new ones, another multiplier can show up. That's why it's Double Sloppy not Single Sloppy.

A spinner came up and gave me 5x the value of my hand and I managed to make a full house! That's not too bad at all - $50 or 200 credits to work away with.

And then the beauty showed up.

A dealt four of a kind! SWEET! That's $100 right there. No multiplier spinner, that would have been nice. But still!

And then came the tingly wingly fun - I held the four of a kind and knew that there was always a chance that a spinner would come up on the draw.

I called up the Quad Queen so I could give her the play by play. She wasn't winning either, so we needed to share the fun.

So anyway, I held the cards, pressed the button and.... OMG a spinner came up on the draw! I was going to win at least double.

And now the 'oooooh what value spinner will it be' tingly wingly part! I hoped, I prayed that it wouldn't be a stinker, that it would be something good.

Well, it was pretty damn good.

It was a FIVE TIMES spinner. I'd gotten kind of the lower level holy grail on this game - a dealt quad with multiplier. (The ultimate holy grail is of course a dealt royal with 10x. I'll save that for another time.)

Holy crapoli, was I happy to see that. All of a sudden my bankroll for the day was replenished.

Another lovely look at a lovel hand.

But - might as well see if I could get on a run. I had a feeling I could nail two more quick quads. It's worked for me before.

And before long, there it was.

And there it was again.

I played for a bit longer, but didn't want to give back too much, and cashed out a decent profit.

Very nice run indeed.

Next up was a visit to Dr. Shiboubou's suite at the Golden Gate. We wanted more visiting time and Gambletron said he had "a package" for me.

We spent an hour or so lounging around, and Tron gave me the package - a couple of slabs of home made toffee from an old family recipe. There are great memories in that toffee, and fillings too.

I felt like I was taking delivery of something very special and my thoughts briefly wandered to our flight home which was looming, and thta point where they ask you if anyone gave you anything to transport in your luggage.

We said our goodbyes and headed over to the Four Queens.


    1. Once when we are playing at the Hollywood in St. Louis I saw a lady get a royal on this game with the 10x multiplier. A dollar royal. A $40,000 hand.

    2. On the dealt quad, shouldn't you have thrown away the fifth card to get a shot at the 'draw' (2nd) multiplier???

      1. Uh oh. I may have screwed that one up. But I *think* maybe the multipliers show regardless of the hold?

        Let's go with that, I'd hate to have made a stupid blunder like that. I'll find a way to blame Jimmy Poon somehow if it's true.


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