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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Topless Bottomless Keno Play

The plan was to hang around Wynn in the morning (which I was doing spectacularly - I also excel in loitering, loafing, and lurking), hit Cosmo for a while,

Day 11 part 2

We'd head downtown to play, connect with the Manitoba Crew later in the day if they were around, and then eat some dinner. After that, we'd head back to Wynn.

I got word that cousin BomberGal was headed to the strip, so maybe we could hang out.

My first win of any decency was on 50 cent video poker. A stunning $62.50 game-changer, dripping with sarcasm.

The Wynn people sure know how to make things look fancy-ass. I mean, the fancy-assness of Wynn is just so fucking fancy!

Having run out of luck on those machines near the fancy-ass, I headed for the new ones by the drink cave from which the cocktail waitresses scurry in and out.

I tried out some carny weirdo Keno games, like Topless Bottomless Keno.

What a great idea for consenting adult pant-dropping Keno fun!

It's pretty simple. You pick either topless keno or the bottomless keno. You are paid based on getting a minimal number of numbers picked, or a maximal number. Example - you pick the top half, and all the numbers chosen are in the bottom half. you win 25,000 credits.

Unfortunately that's you, and not me. It'll never happen.

Topless, Bottomless. Topless, Bottomless. Topless, Bottomless. Topless...

Similarly if allllll the numbers are in the top half, you get the big prize. Naturally, typically, there is a fairly even distribution between the two halves. Because Ball Math.

I also played SUPERWAYKENO in which you play I think it was 7 credits and 9 numbers, giving you a sort of 'way' ticket with one group of 2, one of 3, one of 4, one of 5, one of 6, one of 7, and one of 9. It has a lot of potential if you are one lucky SUPER-SOB.

If you want to try it, it's near the cocktail cave on the south side, which is favored by skinny people, apparently.
I noodled around on a few other Keno variants on the menu of many games including Cats, Dogs and Keno Ferrets, Loyalty Card Keno, Keno Beano Rim Fire Bowls, Big Chance Keno (with 10,000X multipliers), and of course, Fat Chance Mathematically Impossible Keno.

Time to move on. I changed machines to try some VP. Machine Number One was a bust, so I moved over a seat.

Well, what do you know, on Machine Number Two, there were four Pointies for Da Flusha. AND NO KICKER.

Again, I missed a $1000 hit thanks to the stupid Eight of Tittydicking Goddamn Hearts. I blame Shin Lim and his extravagant hair.

Triple Double Pointies. No kicker, though.
Meanwhile, BomberGal was in the neighborhood, down at Caesars. Cool.

I went upstairs and we had drinks and nibbled on the remains of the Quad Queen's pizza. She had emerged from her morning of lounging, ready to play a bit, and then head out to Cosmopolitan.

The sun was poking through for now, so I sat and soaked it up, as much as possible, given how dirty the windows were. Rain is pretty dirty at times and when it dries on the windows, well, see for yourself.

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