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Saturday, March 21, 2020

What do you mean Vegas is Closed?

Like so many of you - hell, all of you - plans have been torn asunder with the arrival of the COVID-19 coronavirus this spring.

The Quad Queen and I had a trip booked back in December and oh, what a great trip it was going to be!

We had 8 nights in a row booked at Wynn from the Wynn Slots app, with options on 3 more. We had 6 nights at the Cal, with 3 nights overlapping, as a backup.

We had concert tickets and ultimate Flusher Room Camping plans out the ying yang.

All of it, of course, for naught - we, like you, had to put it all aside until this situation is resolved.

Instead of rocking out to ZZ Top live, I watched them on Netflix while I trying to get refunds on all the shit I booked. Actually, it's gone pretty well - the concert tickets are the lone holdout.

Big deal, now. Who cares?!
In between trips, I've slowly been going through all the posts on the blog, fixing spelling, adding the odd phrase, improving the photos, and creating artwork for entries on the Trip Report Index page.

And in so doing, I've come across a couple of trip reports that have never appeared in the index. They've basically been buried for the last how ever many years.

Damn ZZ Top, cancel already so I can get my money back!

I decided that since I can't go to Vegas and give you a trip report, I'd republish one of the old ones, just as if I was there. Kind of like a rerun.

We all need to pull together, after all.

I've told Jimmy Poon to turn off all the site advertising for the duration, just to do our little part in feeding your Vegas Jones with the minimal annoyance. It may take a while to kick in, so don't panic if you still see a few.

Yep, we're going ad-free and pretending we're in Vegas. Hope you enjoy the coming posts.

Royal Flusher


    1. Tee up another oldie er, I mean classic. I know I can click and binge but I like a daily Flusher fix.


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