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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Thousand Points of Dark

A Thousand Points of Dark
by Bonnet de Douche

I did a lot of different stuff today. I suppose I played a lot. And I played in a lot of different casinos. But the fact of the matter is, almost everything I turned my hand to went to shit.

All these small things are not interrelated, and yet taken together, they represent the worst streak of my entire trip and maybe ever. And of course, it's right at the end, right at the worst moment, when I thought I could preserve a break even and maybe get back to winning status.

Its a thousand points of dark spread throughout 14 or 16 hours that make up a losing streak.

I had one $50 quad at the beginning of the day. Things looked bright. Well, things LIED.

I know the exact moment things went in the shitter - when I played Loose Deuces (which has a $625 prize for the deuces, pretty good for quarters, which neither of us has ever hit) and hit four 4s with kicker for an exciting five dollars (plus $2 scratchcard to really rub my face in the groin of sweaty bad luck's punky crotch.)

Now, the weird part of this is that when one of us is losing, the other one is winning. And that's good.

But when you are on a crash-and-burn day, and its on the back of a previous crash-and-burn day, sometimes it can be hard to take.

And so it was that the Quad Queen decided, whimsically, to turn her hand also to Loose Deuces, and on a redeal was dealt this:

Holy shit Quad Queen!!! ON THE REDEAL!!!
Yep, Loose Deuces for $625. On the redeal. She is soooo amazing!

Economically, I was happy. Relationally I was happy. Emotionally, I thought 'kick me in the pills, why don't you, byotch???'.

Here is a brief summary of some of the things I lost at today.

Video Poker at Main Street Station, California, Fremont, Four Queen's, The D-itz, El Cortez. Keno at California. (Actually, my last-ditch games are now in progress, so maybe there will be a miracle.) Slots at the Cal. The nickel slots in the D-itz lobby. The big old classic dollar four-reeler Universal slot upstairs at the D-itz which used to be near the elevators. Blackjack at the Cal, Four Queens, Golden Nugget, El Cortez.

Let's break it down a different way. I had one paying quad, and one taunting torment quad with kicker on Deuces that isn't worth sweet fuck all.

Mrs. Flusher had about 10 of 'em.

Quad Queen's morning haul of scratch cards.
You get the idea.

So screw this day, screw this report, and screw video poker. Here are some other things from today...

Believe me folks, I tried. I played slowly. I changed machines. I stayed on quarters. It just wasn't happening.

Sigma Derby is DEFINITELY going to be upstairs at the D-itz. I know because I SAW IT. It's THERE!!!!!

What else? The unknown gambler featured below is apparently somewhat monopolizing the Binions million dollar photo display attraction. Perhaps she is working on her smiling lessons. I don't know. But I'm glad she is having just a super time participating in all the thrilling action in Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

From now on, my Starbucks coffee cup fake name is Bonnet de Douche.
Interesting blackjack bet at the ElCo. (He lost.)
By the numbers... I started with $380. Then added a hundy. Then added a hundy. Then added a hundy.

Royal Flusher minus $680 on the day. (Fuck me gently!) Minus $800 on the trip. (SHIT SHIT SHIT!)
Quad $360 on the day. (Wow!) Plus $2630 on the trip. (Revenge by proxy!)
Trip combined.... plus $1830.

(Note - fixed the Jack Daniels' math on the above statement - thanks math guy.)

I guess I can't really complain.

Besides, I can probably win it all back tomorrow at Sigma Derby!!!


Mrs. F just handed me this - maybe this is all I need for my comeback tomorrow!!!!!!


    1. Math guy says, for those of us keeping score at home...
      Mrs RF is +2630 for the trip
      Mr RF is - 800 for the trip
      I get +1830 for both of you

      But Mr RF says +2170 ???

      By the way, RF, losing $680 on a full day of video poker (even at quarters) is not that hard to do. Alas, I've done that (and worse) many times :-) So it's not like you're setting a record here. Not that I'd expect my misery to make you happy. Just saying...

      I've enjoyed your daily reports. The two of you have had some remarkable video poker adventures. I've yet to get my first dealt royal, but you've had two of them on this trip. Amazing.

      1. Thanks Math Guy. I shouldn't drink and post. :)

    2. Freakin kill me now! I love your reports bit I got 1 lousy quad my last trip and all I see is your wife hitting royals - I am so friggin jealous you have no idea.

      I played everywhere downtown too but mostly MSS.

      It isn't just your TR RF....all the other VP TR's seem to hit royals not just quads.

      Ugh. So frustrating. They won't get my money for another year - no incentive to go back when I can;t even get a whiff.


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