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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Victory in Progress

The California (aka The Cal) is loaded with potential I.S.G.s*. I love that about the place.

Everywhere I turn, the angular curves of the blue-hair set call their siren song to my male libido, saying things like, "Bring me a sweater, I'm sexy and cold."

That big-ass dollar progressive was at almost $10,000, I noted as I headed to Main Street for breakfast buffet, while Mrs. Flusher slept in a bit.

I roused her for round 1 of the VP tournament - on which we both did shite. We each got a minor quad but a woman on my row hit a Royal so the gauntlet has been thrown.

We headed to M.S.S. again to win some scratchcards and I hammered the Super Double Double Buggernuts Bonus game, trying to get a premium quad.

This was a day of much video poker play, some good meals, and lots of quads.

Premium Super Double Double Balls Bonus Poker Quad for $200.

Nifty little dealt quad.
We spent some time getting loaded at the Boar's Head Bar and then ate at the 777 Brewpub. I had the Monterey Chicken sandwich with onion rings, and the Quad Queen had the Chicken Philly, made with red peppers instead of green. Yumzers!

She headed up to rest some more - bad night the night before - and I hit the blackjack table. Bought in for $40 and went on a bit of a tear, getting up to $220 or so and finally cashing out up $150.

Creepy golden hand with dice display at the Cal.
I did some shopping at Walgreen's and brought back vital supplies - water, and coke. It seems that in spite of numerous quads, Mrs. Flusher was down about $500 at this point, and I was down only $100.

She recharged her budget and hit a couple of beauties for $200 and $100 respectively to gain back some ground.

We thought it would be a good idea to play $100 each in high stakes. I went for Bonus Poker and she insisted on Double Double Bonus.

Naturally, her first hand, the Quad Queen was dealt three 9s and pounded the fourth 9 for a four-of-a-kind.

My reaction was instinctive.

"CASH OUT!!! CASH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!"

Oh fuck yeah.
I didn't fare so well, losing my hundy.

We switched to 50 cent Bonus Poker and went at it, a hundred each. We played for a while. On and on. From time to time, we compared who had how many credits.

"It's not a competition," I said, "but I will beat you."

And soon, I did have quite a few more credits then the Flushateria.

"Looks like you have victory," she said.

"It's not a victory yet... I actually have less credits than I started with."

"It's a victory in progress."

Quad on the redeal.
Well, we pounded those machines the way you pound a second date from an internet dating site like LavaLife. (Who writes these horrible similes???) For two solid hours we pounded. We had many quads and I ended up even on the session, while Mrs. Flusher ended up $100.

Time for dinner - drunken Prime Rib of Beef (us, not the beef) at the Cal coffee shop.

It's no longer a bargain. The Cal bastards have killed the goose that laid the golden beef prime rib egg. They've snuck the price up yet another dollar to $9.99. I remember not many years ago (like 5) when it was $5.99!!!

Who needs a chef that can spell anyway.
Dinner was good and I sent my ice cream over to another table. A little girl there was soon shrieking "I WANT THAT! I WANT THAT!" So cute! Mission accomplished.

For our last gasp of the day, we hit up good ole dollar Treasure Chest in which you can hit the Treasure Chest Bonus! No, I'm not talking about a sailor-bar hooker, I'm talking about Video Poker!

I think I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I finished up $132 on the day, up $667 on the trip.
The QQ finished down $340 on the day, up $129 on the trip.
Combined, we are up $796 for the trip.

Can we hang on???!!!

*Island Senior Girlfriends

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