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Thursday, June 21, 2012

If there's anything... anything you need

The fellow who approached us in the casino turned out to be a host here at the Four Queens.

He introduced himself and asked if we were enjoying our stay and did we need anything. He gave us his card and mentioned our 'strong play' and not to hesitate to contact him.

As magically as he had appeared, he vanished. We looked at each other and said virtually the same thing.

"I was gonna say... we're so impressed with your play, that we'd like to invite you to stay in one of our suites. Would you follow me?"

"If there's anything... anything you need - don't hesitate to call me."

We now call this guy, who is a senior host here, 'Randy' even though that's not his name. If it was Randy in the Vegas Vacation, we want to call him Randy here at the Four Queens.

Obviously, their computer systems can tell - just as Fremont's can - when players are hitting the machines heavily. 

We'd felt a little silly with our Gordie Howe Panty Good Luck Hockey Cards on the machines, but it turns out - let's call him Randy - Randy, is from Michigan. So he knows all about Mr. Hockey.

Our Passport to Gluttony and Riches includes dinner for two at Hugo's, as mentioned, so we headed down to make our 6:00pm reservation.

Hugo's is wayyyy bigger than I thought it would be - quite a pleasant restaurant stretching deep into the bowels of the Four Queens, under the casino I guess.

The service was great, including the way they served the vodka. It was in a flask served in a little crystal vodka urn filled with ice to keep it, well, ice cold.

Vodka urn and flask. Mmmmmm.
We had breads for starters, and I had an appetizer of crab cakes. I didn't know crabs liked cakes, but they sure have good palates, because these were tasty.

This was followed by the salad cart - basically a rolling veggy buffet. I pretty much need one of these at the house all the time. It would totally contribute to a Zipperless Dinner. The salad guy makes a salad with whatever you want in it, tosses it with dressing, etc. etc.

"There's nothing like a well-tossed salad," I remarked.

He'd never heard that one before.

My salad was actually incredibly delicious - I think it is the best salad I've ever had. Really.

For our entree we both chose Beef Wellingtawn, because of watching Chef Ramsay on TV. It was ok, unfortunately a bit overdone - plus the cut of beef wasn't that tender. It tasted pretty good though.

We were too full for dessert like Bananas Foster or maybe Blueberries Hewitt or Raspberries Schnicklefritz. I pigged out on the complimentary Strawberries Tiger Woods - which is where you take your berries and dip them in chocolate.

There was a nice bowl of whipped cream with them and I scooped a spoonful of that good stuff brought it close just as the waiter happened by - I dutifully plopped it on the plate.

Mrs. F started to laugh - I was so busted.

Fine, I scooped it up again with the spoon and shoved it into my drooling gob.

After dinner, we retired to the casino again and played a bit more. I slow-played another hundred that I really shouldn't have been playing at all. We managed to have some fairly inexpensive fun but eventually I retired to the room with a Keno ticket and no pride left whatsoever.

Mrs. Flusher joined me and we watched some games. Much hilarity was expressed at a guy on the Keno channel - which is live from the casino - playing video poker and basically humping at the machine repeatedly. Because of the low resolution of the camera, he looked like an anteater doing pelvic thrusts in his chair. It was absolutely horrifying.

Keno - we haven't won shit so far. I don't know why I play this shitty game, except that it only costs a dollar every 4 minutes.

Royal Flusher minus $700 on the day. Good God what is wrong with me. Still +$100 on the trip.
Mrs. F is minus $500 on the day. Good God what is wrong with her. Still +$520 on the trip.

Combined we are up $620 on the trip.

And tomorrow is another day.
Gordie Power live from the Casino.

Gordie helping me with one of my pathetic Double Up attempts. I never pick the right card.

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