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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Up and Down, Round and Round

Monday in Vegas started much as many other Vegas days, with coffee, and video poker.

I was actually up early enough to try Loco Moco at the Fremont, but my head, and my stomach, were not having any of it.

It was as if someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull, and cut a 6" valley through the middle of my skull, with apologies to Bruce Springsteen's skull.

That's what you get for waking up like Katy Perry. In Vegas.

Anyway, coffee and Double Double Bonus VP at the bar.

Finally, we managed breakfast at Magnolia's, me, for a change, having country fried steak and eggs (with plenty of country throw-up).

My good ole Double Diamond slot coughed up $80 in profit, which was nice. Back to the DDB VP at the other bar (the Star Wars bar with the blaring, repetitive Star Wars slots endlessly playing the theme and clips from the movies).
I dropped a hundy and Mrs. F dropped her $220 in Freeplay without getting anything to take home from it. (Yes, she survived the night, with no harm done.)

We played some more and on my second hundy, I was down to my last 5 credits. I held a couple of high cards, not thinking about much more than getting a pair or something to win enough credits to play another hand or two. Just staying alive.

That's when THIS happened.

I shouted, excited, at the Quad Queen, "I got it! I GOT IT".

"Great kid...! Don't get cocky," she shot back.

A Royal Flush for Royal Flusher! You'll note there are EXACTLY 4000 credits on the machine. I was happy. So happy! We laughed. Ha ha ha! I thought about the new souvenir I would buy for Jimmy Poon back at the plant, with a bimbo with big plastic boobs on it. Maybe one of those fancy boob lighters.

You'd think that this day would be all bliss. At this moment, it was. But little did I know that there would be foreshadowing. And that foreshadowing would hint at extremes of good luck and bad luck yet to come. (Yes, bad luck. And some good luck. That's what may be coming. You should know that. It's been hinted at broadly.)

We played on and Mrs. Flusher nailed a few beauty quads. Strangely, I could not get much going. I dropped another hundred (after cashing out the cool grand) without hitting anything.

I decided to pay my favorite slot a visit.

Yup, I hit it for $640 and cashed out $500 profit when it was all over. I had to give it some more spins, now, didn't I?

A nice 50 cent quad of Mrs. Flusher's for $400.
We had some business to take care of with the Four Queens - we were in on two offers - one the VP tournament offer, and the second, Mrs. Flusher's super premium comp offer which included 3 free nights and one of those fancy, coveted Food Passports. The passport is good for meals at Magnolia's and the Chicago Brewing Company Vat O'Liquor Emporium, room service (!), plus one dinner for 2 at Hugo's Cellar, the Four Queen's fancy-ass gourmet room.

So we checked out and checked right back in again, same room, left all the stuff there. Just a formality. The host picked up our meals for the first 3 nights so, no charges there at all except tips.

I broke the Coveted Food Passport in immediately by waving it at the staff at Magnolia's until they brought me a rib-eye steak.

It was pretty good and hit the spot.

Onward with the gambling...

The record shows quad after quad for the Quad Queen. And precious little for me. I couldn't hit anything. I'd dropped quite a bit of dough.

I dropped another $100 at the bar on dollar VP in about 5 minutes. I dropped another $100 on the completely confusing Fish slot in another 5 minutes. It cost me $2.50 a spin and seemed to make 50 bucks worth of fuss for winning 75 cents.

We took a break, with the Quad Queen exercising her room service rights (minestrone soup and cobb salad). I showered, shaved, and wrote up some stuff on this here blog.

Back in the gambling arena, we decided that we needed Gordie Howe power. Because I'd brought my own copy of the Pro Set players card featuring Mr. Hockey.

I set up Gordie on my Bonus Poker upright, set it to 50 cents, and before long was dealt quad deuces for $100. That was more like it!

"I told Gordie you needed a hat trick," said Mrs. F. "You'll get three quads."

Well she was right. I soon hit quad 4s, and after some time was sitting on three deuces, ready to pull for the fourth.

I held Gordie Howe up against the screen and hit the button.

"He shoots, he scores!!!"

The thing was, we were reallllly hitting the machines hard. We played, and played and played. This was a two hour stretch, for example. I ended up with $40 extra when it was done. Mrs. Flusher dropped $260.

We certainly did have a lot of quads in the day, but the dry spells, for me, were long.

For dinner, Mrs. F had the prime rib, while I had a pizza brought over from Chicago Brewing Co. It was delicious.

I delighted in us having 'the waitress who says baby'.

"I love it how you call me baby all the time," I said to her last trip.

"That's nice, baby," she said.

Today it all gelled. "I need some of the sprinkly hot peppers, baby..."

"It's on the way, baby."

She mentioned that it was because of her suburban background. I didn't quite get the connection but I still love it, baby.

We headed back down for Hockey Night in Vegas, but even Gordie couldn't help us get it together.

We played and played, and even hit The Fitz-D for a while. I managed to win FREE MEAT but gave back all the profits.

In the end, I'd dumped sooo much money. It looked like this.

R.F. up $300 on the day. Up $800 on the trip.
Q.Q. down $535 on the day. Up $1020 on the trip.

Combined, up $1820 on the trip.

So I'd won a lot of money. And I'd lost much of a lot of that money. I was still up on the day but somehow, I felt like I'd screwed it up.

But boy did we have a pantload of fun. And we're still up on the trip, and that's not too shabby. Sometimes the difference between an okay result and hitting it out of the park is just one single hand, or even one single card. I almost nailed a second Royal today. Almost...

Number 382893892 in how not to get a royal.


    1. C'mon VP gods, baby needs new underwear!

    2. Nice Royal, R.F.!!! Though i may have to take a break from reading updates until you consume some crackcakes!!!


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