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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vegas Revenge 2 plan Phase 2

Well, Mrs. Flusher has been going great guns in Vegas, as you might have noticed, hitting a record 3 Royals Flush in just 4 days. And at this point, she's pretty much won back the remainder of my November losses. I don't know if she can hold on to it or not but basically I've had my way with Vegas by proxy.

Still, it's not the same as sticking to them myself, so that's what I'm hoping to do, starting in about 8 hours from now.

I can't assume she'll keep winning - in fact, there has been a dearth of quads today - only 2 so far, so that means she is probably getting her ass kicked.

I'm in the lounge at Flusherville Regional Aerodrome, where I am awaiting the Beechcrasher Sputterfutz Strainwing 69D plane which will hopefully take me to Toronto.

They have quite an innovation here in the lounge.

They call them light duty portable item access trays. You sit them in front of you and put your laptop on them.

I call them TV tables.

Its a nice touch and so far, the TV table I'm using, though rickety, is fairly serviceable for pounding out a few bon mots.

It's a long day waiting for a 6:00pm departure. I got up, had coffee, fed Chippy, and bundled her off to the Left-B-Hind Kennels. Then I returned back home, and placed my clothes next to the suitcase, waiting for them to fold and pack themselves.

After a couple of hours and another cup or two of coffee, I realized that the Zipperless Trip may just be a myth.

And sure enough, I've already zipped and unzipped my carryon about 30 times just to get to the lounge here at the airport. It seems I'm always having to fuck with something or other. Need a pen. Need passport, of all things. Put this away. Get laptop out. Put laptop back. Can't have the camera in the suitcase, open it, put it in the carry on.

I'm afraid I may have to concede that the Zipperless Trip is just not feasible.

That is, without a butler/packer/mule/slave figure. I'm going to approach a few people in Pearson International and see if I can hire one.

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