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Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's the Big Deal???

Before she left, I set up Mrs. F's FlusheretteFone to be able to send pictures to me. Apparently, according to her, it is great fun to get these random pictures in one's Inbox. It started last night with the couple of quads you saw pictured in the previous blog post.

I really wondered what her first day in Vegas would hold, and what would appear in my Inbox today.

I wondered, would I be rich?

And before that, I wondered, would I be pretty? And after that, I wondered would Que Sera really Sera?

Royal Flusher Vegas is a place of frivolity, stupidity, entertainment and bad judgement. Of course, some of my deeper trials are hinted at here... and without expounding too much, a couple of friends of mine have had some rather tragic events unfold this weekend, and my heart is with them.

Even though it seems a little trite to be writing this in the face of these things, it is, after all, what I do. And just like gambling, life is made up of all sorts of things, some of them good, some of them painful.

The future is really not ours to see, but it is ours to live.  And live it we should.

Fortunately, I'm not the jealous type. It's just when I compared my prospects for the day to the Quad Queen's, I felt angry, bitter, depressed, dejected, rejected, incoherent, incontinent, intransigent, flatulent, but not jealous.

And sure enough, I got on with my day. One of my great Mark's shirts had a hole in one of the seams, so it had to go back. And I had hopes of snatching another pair of their great, free stay-dri inflato-package underwear.

This underwear has waist deflating and package inflating properties.

Before saddling up I checked my email, and sure enough, there were a few quads sent from the MrsFlusherFone. One additional one from Saturday night, and a couple from this morning.

  Before heading out of the house, I checked my Inbox again and there were these waiting for me!

I headed over to Mark's, and exchanged the shirt. It took forever because the one I'd bought had no tags on it, and they'd rung it up as a duplicate 'black' shirt. The problem? They couldn't tell what color it was in the 'system'.

The shirt is a goddamned purple shirt. As far as I can tell.

The 'system' had color choices of: Grape Royal, Airforce, and - get this - Werewolf.

Really? We agreed it had to be Grape Royal and that Airforce was blue, but what color would Werewolf be???

After about 15 minutes of screwing around, the return was done, and the new shirt (in Airforce) was rung up in its place. That's when I made my move, even though I'd raided that particular store for free gotch on Saturday.

"One pair of complimentary XL Denver Hayes Dri-Force Waist Deflating Inflato-Package Super Cheek Underwear, please."

"Sorry sir, we only have Small and Medium left in the free... Denver Hayes... did you say package?... underwear."

I took the medium. I normally wear XL but how much different can they be? I bet they are all the same size, and (ahem) it's just a matter of the package.

I intend to try the new medium's out on the plane on Saturday, to prove just how comfortable they can be.

Costco was on my list for some groceries. It's just too easy to buy 10,000 of something there - I managed restraint, especially around the candy aisle. Do I really need 64 gross of BB-Bats even if they gave out a $3.00 off coupon at the door?

I didn't hear much from Vegas for a long while, and spent some quality time with my television set. Just as I called Mrs. F, she hit another quad - she'd been down for some rest time in the room at Main Street Station, and had just gone down to the casino.

It was only about 3 minutes later when the phone rang... area code 702.

I crossed my fingers, figuring it was good news. I dropped the phone. I uncrossed my fingers. I answered.

And I heard the sweet, sweet 'happy music'. The music you get when you hit a jackpot.

"I got DEALT a ROYAL! On 50 cents!"


There are a couple of things she's been going on about the last few years - one is never having had a dealt Royal in almost 20 years of play. The other is never having had a dollar Royal.

Guess which one is next on the list?

Quad Queen dealt Royal.
I asked about what happened when it was dealt, and she said that she thinks the cards didn't really deal in sequence like they normally do - they showed, all at once, already held, and the music began immediately.

They did the paperwork to take off 30% tax - don't get me started about that. It just... is. (We still have to get some back from last year's almost $3000 Royal...).

I reminded her of the most important thing of all.

"Did you get a scratch card?"

She wasn't done yet, either, this came in just a little while ago...

Go, Quad Royal Straight Flush Queen, Go!


    1. So, Mr. Floorflusher, is she ahead?

    2. She is indeed ahead, about $1500 now... see the latest!


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