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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Will Sigma Derby Ever Ride Again???

After another morning hitting the Double Double Bonus at the bar along with coffee, we played around the casino.

Both of us hit some quads, which were nice, and by the time we were ready to head to the El Cortez to give them shit and get our free play, I was actually up on the day a couple of hundred.

My quad 4s. Where is the kicker all the time???

Dealt. Proof that I could win the free pull on the big VP machine at the Four Queens.

Also mine. Can you believe it?
We passed by the Silver Strikers on our way out. They looked sharp in their matching t-shirts. There is a sort of convention/tournament on here at the 'Queens for folks that are into collecting those Silver Strike coins. There are special slot machines that spit out a fancy silver coin in a plastic holder when you hit the magic Silver Strike symbol. They are very good for paperweights, or sitting in a drawer back home, like the Bellagio ones I have from 10 years ago.

These machines are pretty rare now with only 5 casinos in Nevada having them. The Four Queens has the most of these machines in the state, with 5 of 'em.

Last month, I opted for the 'green' plan at the El Cortez which would have offers sent by email instead of being printed on paper made from unicorn-killing clearcut pulp.

They have an insane policy that I MUST print out the emailed certificate to get the measly $5 free play you get for going 'green'. Not having a printer in my luggage last time, I stiffed them on play.

This time I was ready. I had both Mrs. Flusher's and my 'green' certificates printed plus an additional $5 one for doing a survey.

So we got to the El Cortez to claim all our bonuses.

We discussed the absurdity of printing the green bonus. I explained how I didn't bother to come in last trip. Etc.

And then to pile stupidity on top of inanity, I was told that I can't get the $5 survey bonus - I was only allowed to redeem one of them per day and I have to come back tomorrow.

Mrs. Flusher got 4 Aces with kicker... on Bonus Poker. Still, we'll take it.
At this point, I was ready to scream at somebody. I don't. Instead, we played a bit. Apparently, somebody hit a Royal today for $20,000. It had to be the $2 progressive in the alcove because the progressive was obviously reset.

Site of the $20K win, prolly.

I always wondered about the floor in the Western Union office on Fremont... it was some other business once named Clover, but what?

We popped into the D-itz to play a bit at the Vue bar and see what the situation was with the promised Sigma Derby.
Old school SFL for MRS FL.
Didn't find out much... until...

...on the way out, I spotted some folks just outside the entrance mulling over some blueprints.

"Let's sidle over there and see what we can find out about the property," I said.

I sidled over there and in a moment or two one of the three suits greeted me with a handshake. He could tell I was interested and struck up a conversation.

Of course I asked about Sigma Derby and I have the actual scoop right from the horse's mouth.

This guy used to love playing Derby back at the old Frontier. They have obtained the game that was in that property and they have it ready to go. It will definitely be installed upstairs. He even talked about some neon signage to go above the game and wants some neon animated horses on it.

He even told me the date that the game will go live... let's just say it should be in by the end of this month!

I sidled my fingers into my gambling wallet and sidled out one of my patented Royal Flusher business cards and gave it to the guy.

It turns out I was talking to the Vice President of Facilities and Entertainment of The D (aka D-itzgeralds, until he makes the signage changes he told me about).

I put in a good word for folks like Bucket and said, "Don't forget about us old school folks who love coin droppers...".

We ate lunch at Magnolia's, brandishing the VIP Passport like a couple of pros. I could get used to this. I like being pampered.

In fact, I floated the idea of an easier lifestyle at home, inspired by the great service we get from the cocktail waitresses here in Las Vegas.

"What do you think," I asked, "about having an attractive topless maid at home, to do chores and tidy up and stuff?"

Mrs. Flusher looked me square in the eye.

"Can she cook?"

I did some souvenir shopping, looking for some great stuff to take back to Jimmy Poon. I found some really nice quality items that I think he would really enjoy. After all, Jimmy Poon is rumored to have a PhD in Astronomy.

I don't know if Jimmy Poon plays cards, but he'd surely enjoy these. 

By 4:00pm I was even on the day. It was a miracle after yesterday's ass-kicking. I'd only taken $300 stake today and was determined to stay on budget.

We played some of this and that and Mrs. Flusher kept banging out the quads and another straight flush.

For dinner, we headed up to the Chicago Brewing Company. Had a couple of good micro-brews and we ordered pizza while playing Double Double.

They have a great system there with little boards that sit in front of your computer and don't touch the buttons. You put your plate on them and use the touchscreen so you can gamble while you eat. If they ever figure anything out for the john, I'll never have to stop playing.

Aces for the Mrs. She was HOT today. No kicker though.

I  knew the session I was on at Chicago Brewing was make it or break it for my day. We played heavily and I went in for $220. Played about 1000 hands and only managed one quad at the end. That put over half my daily budget to sleep. I needed to hit a premium quad and it didn't happen.

Back on Jacks, Mrs. F. held four to a royal and got a straight flush out of it, pulling the nine instead of the Ace.

Later, she was dealt a straight on 50 cent Jacks, worth $10, which was also four to a straight flush, worth $125 if she got it. She was going to keep the straight.

"I'll buy that hand from you for $10. I think you can get the straight flush," I said.

"You can have it for $20."

"But its only worth $10!!!"

I forked over $20 and unheld the one non straight flush card.

Hit Draw.


We played for a while and after 20 minutes I petitioned for the return of $10. Fortunately, she agreed that I'd been overcharged and just as she was forking over the ten-spot, she was dealt a straight, worth $10, which was also four to a straight flush, worth $125 if she got it. She was going to keep the straight.

I forked back the $10.


The last $80 of my day went into $10 a hand blackjack. I survived 40 minutes and then slinked back to the room.

RF minus $300 on the day, minus $200 on the trip.
QQ minus $190 on the day, plus $330 on the trip.

We are holding on by our fingernails but still taking more out of Vegas than it is taking out of us. $130 more to be exact.


    1. I already toldja what you are doing wrong.

    2. mr. flusher.............WHY...... have you "abandoned " your $1 double diamond slot @ the 4 queen's ? were beatin it like a drum......bish


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