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Monday, December 30, 2013

Hurry Harder

Dec 30, 2013 Spirit of Savvy Trip - Day 2 - Sunday

Sunday, our first full day in Vegas! There were exotic places to go (Four Queens casino), things to do (gamble), things to see (video poker screens), wonderful experiences to be had, soaking in the local culture (gamble).

Mrs. F. started enriching her life at around 4:00 am, heading down to the 9/6 Jacks. I met her down there around 5:00 am with the last hundred dollar bill currently available that I had. A thin stake for the day but who knows, right?

And I went on a quad tear. (Quad King...???) I nailed five of 'em and two of 'em were dealt. Including the Aces on Jacks. But I had no complaints, because I won back the $300 loss from the night before and another $100 to boot.


Aces on Jacks. I'll take it.
"This gambling stuff is easy!" I said, followed with, "It's so easy, I never have to worry about letting my guard down, because we'll always win from now on!!!"

"You said exactly the same thing last night before your day went into the dumper," the Quad Queen reminded me.

"Well, we'll see about that," I said uninterestingly.

Breakfast time in Vegas, but first, a little walkabout. We had some things to grab at Walgreens so we headed on down Fremont to the El Cortez to see if we had any freeplay. (None.)

Slotzilla is actually looking pretty good, looming over the end of the Fremont St. Experience. I'm still not keen on having drunk yahoos with iffy stomachs flying over my head while I walk the street but if people want to zip down steel cables, we shouldn't stand in the way of progress, now, should we.

Slotzilla Looms.
It seemed like a quick visit to the dollar cave was in order, so we played $100 each on the old coin droppers - the pair of machines with one Bonus Poker and one Double Double Bonus Poker. I took the DDB machine.

No quads ensued.

"Don't worry, this gambling stuff is easy..." I said.

We had breakfast at the coffee shop at the Elco. I still miss the counter they used to have, and the diner ambiance (and diner prices).

I had a waffle with four meat tubes and the Missus had slab o' Secretariat and eggs. Coffee and tea. It was acceptable but overpriced if you ask me. Came to $27. Fortunately, we had enough points and comp dollars on our cards to just cover the tab.

Walgreens provided the usual wonderful drugstore shopping experience it promises and we bought exciting things like shaving gel and nuts. (Write your own damn joke here.)

The weather outside was a little chilly I suppose, but we didn't bother with jackets - it felt like summer to us, compared to the icicle storm winter weather back home.

We did a session at the Mikes bar losing about $60 and $40 with no pictures to show for it.

"Two thirds of video poker sessions will be losers, right?" asked the Quadless (except for 1 so far today) Queen.

"Yeah, so?"

"It's amazing that we come here all this way to experience something that is going to disappoint us most of the time."

"Savvy observation, Quad Queen," I said.

Luck seeming to have abandoned us, we decided to play a little Bonus Poker. I played dollars and the QQ played 50 cent. She managed to bag four queens, appropriately.

I was missing the $25 QQQQ promotion they had last summer, I cleaned up on that thing.

I realized that I hadn't won anything since my morning session back on Jacks. In fact, I even had to borrow a hundy from the QQ.

Yes, I'd blown through all my winnings from the morning, and my day's stake of $100, and I was broke. Mrs. F was in a similar situation having blown through five or six hundred. Uh oh.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so we camped out in the room, eating Subway for lunch. It was actually pretty good. It had vegetables in, and they crunched. That's good, right?

The Picturesque View from Subway at the Four Queens.
Degen Lunch
While munching on my Subway I realized something very perturbing.

"Why are there no Curling themed slots?" I asked the QQ.


"Curling, you know, on ice, with brooms and beer and shouting and stuff. Curling themed slots! You know, like Curler's Gold. Bonspiel Bonus. Rocks Off with the Hurry Harder option. I think it's the next big thing."

Curling is definitely underrated as a potential sports theme for slot machines. Are you listening IGT???

And so it was that we both did the walk of shame to the cage to cash some traveler's checks. They even fingerprinted us like felons.

We went at the dollar play again and you can guess how it went in the end. There were some quads, but nobody was keeping any dough.

Mrs F tried some 100 play pennies for some reason and I ambled to the bar. To get there, I ambled off my seat, ambled along the carpet by the cage, took an ambling left by the men's room, and ambled my ass to a bar stool, amblifically.

I played a bunch of bucks and got nothing. Mrs. F showed up so I moved over where we could sit side by side. Finally things started to happen for us. I put it down to good luck from talking to Charles from Texas.

We had a really interesting chat during which I got a very detailed Texas history lesson (the Alamo is not just a car rental company! Who knew??!!) and we also managed to solve the world's problems. We know just what to do. Unfortunately, drink may have dulled my memory of the brilliant solutions but take heart - they are in there somewhere, they are just in a coma for now.

We had a stellar session, as you can see below.

Aces... on Jacks progressive for the QQ.
Oh hell yeah! Dueces kicker on DDB for me! $270-something dollars.

His'n Hers Simu-Jacks. We both held the same two Jacks too. It was kind of weird.

QQ why you no play Doubly-Dub?!!!

Still feeling somewhat desperate though, we re-punished ourselves with vegetables. Yes, Subway a second time. I don't know why we both wanted it, but we did. Do they sprinkle opium in there? I hope so. Because it could be an inexpensive source of fresh veggies and opium, and tasty to boot.

The Quad Queen was down pretty hard and had had it for the day. But not me. I had a feeling...

So I went back to the dollar Jacks and played a hundy and got this very odd re-deal quad. It's the hardest way to get a quad that there is. Redeal into four spots instead of five.

Well, that was great. I decided to try Bonus again so headed over to the Blinding Uprights of the Keno Area.

And by gum, didn't I finish off the day with this little beauty? AAAA for $400. I had exactly $500 on the meter and I cashed it out and went to bed.

I'd totally salvaged my bankroll!

Four Aces, Four Hundred Beans
R.F. up $150 on the day, down $150 on the trip. $10,928 coin in for the day
Q.Q. down $700 on the day, down $900 on the trip.  $16,912 coin in for the day


    1. Keep grindin' away, Flusher, I see big things on the horizon , , ,

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      1. Damn! QQ must play fast to get 16,000 coin-in at fifty cents.


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