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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Have you seen this Doge?

Jan 1, 2014 Fremont was prepared for New Year's Eve. You needed a wristband (which our Four Queens offer included) to get onto Fremont after 6:00pm.

Poor missing doggy.

Large drinks are the order of the day.
Fremont looked surreal, cleared of people in advance of the party.
With my chaser cashback money, I sat at the bar overlooking Fremont and had a really good session. The Queen even came down for a while. She'd pretty much killed a mickey of Canadian Club with the idea of drowing the cold virus.

I'd had a few shots of Early Times bourbon. This stuff was from Early Times before aging, flavor and the removal of ammonia and dog piss from bourbon had been perfected, apparently. Fortunately the bar stocks Maker's Mark, and I had a few.

Things only got a bit ugly when I found a lucky penny on the casino floor and Mrs. F promptly dropped it into my cold beer chaser.

Anyway, the upshot of it was that after a very nice and relaxing couple of hours, with a bunch of quads, my stake for the day and the cashback (which we don't count as stake because we are lying degenerates) was gone.

I went back to the room. It was still too early for Blues Traveler, which (who?) I wanted to see on Fremont.

The Queen was in bed and the room dark. So I borrowed a hundy and went back to work. Well what else would you expect??!

You know what? I had some luck! I played $20 in Boner Deluxe over at Fremont (got nothing) and then tried Pick'em and got a quad which payed $150. Then I got on a run on dollar Boner Deluxe... ran $20 up to $170 and hammered at it, hoping for a single 'save your day's budget' quad.

Didn't happen. I bailed at $100. Played $40 on craps.

Pick'em Quad!
I hung out on Fremont for a while looking for half-naked women with gigantic boobs.
It's just a jump to the left...
I looked here and there for the huge-knockered women and finally lucked out.

Blues Traveler was (were?) great and I only saw one guy get 86ed from Fremont. For some reason he was trying to walk around as bent over backwards far as he could (which was quite far) until he finally fell over into a bunch of people. It was really messed up.

Blues Traveler, live at Fremont Street
Back to bed I went with a minor victory under my belt for the evening. I was sure 2014 would be better.

R.F. Down $260 on the day  $8304 coin in. Down $1460 on the trip.
Q.Q. Down $100 on the day  $6240 coin in. Down $2250 on the trip.


    1. Four Queens comps Makers now?
      Jeez, when I was there they didn't even have Captain Morgan. Just some knock-off spiced rum.

    2. That good day is coming! Hang in there. Hope the QQ feels better.

      I'm more of a MSS player downtown then a 4 Queens player, but I hope around. That cashback and freeplay at the 4queens is making me reconsider though.


    3. come on flushiepants get these updates out thick and fast :)

    4. Enjoying your Live report Flusher. I am sorry you and QQ's gambling luck is not going well. That, along with yours and her sickness does not make for a good time. But like you said, anytime in Vegas gambling is better than anything else. Hope the gambling Gods are better for you.

    5. PS maybe some Sigma Derby upstairs at the D is what you need to turn your luck around!


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