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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MGM Grand Lion's Share Progressive Slot!

Jan 7, 2014 Spirit of Savvy - Day 9 - Monday

The Cal casino in the morning. The attentive cocktail waitresses bringing freshly brewed coffee, the gentle chiming of winning machines, and the World War Three roar of the new enemy of the people, the carpet Zamboni.

This machine seems to resurface the carpet and is self propelled, with, I think, the same Pratt and Whitney J-2 turbofan jet engine as my brother-in-law's Megalon Ultra-Fryer employs.

We played some and again, I had trouble getting much at the Cal in the morning. I did get another 'almost' Loser Flush though.

 Triple Play at MSS was more fruitful and included this nice dealt set of Deuces.

The day was unfolding in a less dramatic fashion than others, but I had an idea. It was time to hit MGM and the Legendary Lion's Share Longshot Progressive.

But first, a trip to the Peppermill for lunch.

The Quad Queen had a burger with sweet potato fries. She said it was absolutely delicious.

I had a Philly Cheesesteak and rings. I said it was absolutely delicious.

Server Crystal, with gum.
The Peppermill is old school Vegas and it seemed right for a bash at the Lion's Share. Here's the Fireside Lounge, which looks like a great place to hang out and pretend to be color blind.

Just as we were about ready to leave, the guys opposite got up and one of them dropped something on the carpet. It rolled right to me and settled at my feet. A $25 chip.

"Hey buddy!" I said to the guy, and returned the chip. He said thanks and off they went.

"Twenty five dollar chip. Maybe that will change our luck," I said to the Queen.


"You gotta do the right thing though. He was right there..."

"Yeah. You gotta do the right thing. Maybe he dropped more of them."

"Let's not look until they are out of the parking lot!" I responded, savvily.

Sated, and unable to find more lost chips, we scooted down to MGM, self parked, and found the Lion's Share right where I'd left it last time, still ringing up higher and, fortunately, unoccupied.

This 20 year old machine, because it is part of a progressive, can't be taken from the MGM Grand casino floor until the prize is won. It's been sitting, by itself, the last standing member of what was once a bank of machines, for years. You win the progressive of two million dollars plus, you get to keep the machine.

Jackpot as of January 7, 2014.
She's 20 years old now!!!

We put in $101 each for a total of (wait for it...) $202. And we bashed away for all of 20 minutes. We had two hits of $60 but that was all and before long, the $202, along with our dreams of $2.3 million, were shattered.

We played $100 each in the high limit room and I lost all mine. Mrs. F cashed out $170, so she did okay at MGM.

Time to haul ass back downtown, drop the QQ off at the Cal, and return the rental, but not before buying gas at the Fort Chevron, just a few blocks from Fremont, where barricading the booth jockey includes pill box like fortifications, two roof mounted 50 cal. machine guns, and various tank traps and incendiary devices. Things must be kind of tough in that neighborhood.

I slipped my bucks through a little slit in the stationary tank 'booth' and pumped my gas without losing life or limb.

Car returned, I headed back to the Cal. We rested up and repeated last night's shenanigans.

Play triple play, get scratch cards, drink whiskey, get comp buffet (fortunately without any Mambo Hamburgler incidents), roll up the coin in.

I relaxed and just enjoyed the play and didn't worry about the money.

Did any Royals show? No. But we did get $49 in scratch cards. The Quad Queen was in fine form and at one point, she'd hit 15 quads to my 2.

We did maybe $25K in coin in and as for the Royal, we had lots of time for that - with one day left in our trip.

R.F. Up great meals, whiskey and experiences, down blah-blah dollars on the day.
Q.Q. Ditto but didn't lose as much as me.

Trip: down a high quality used automobile

Note to self - rename this blog post something along the lines of  'Loin's Share and Peckermill'.


    1. I found $70 on the floor at the casino movie theater. Its the best Ive done in the casino all year.

    2. How much longer for this trip? Love your reports, but hope you get a streak of luck. Could happen last hour....has for me a few times. Hang in there, and keep having fun, regardless!

    3. Better luck flusher, and thanks for continuing these posts. Tell Jimmy Poon that it would be great if we could "comment as" something I've ever heard of. All I can get to work is "anonymous". And that his security code, part 2, is a bit hard to read and overkill. I don't think Eric Snowden is going to rat you out, so Jimmy can lighten up ;-). But the Prev/Next buttons are cool!

    4. I found a wallet stuffed with money at an empty sear at the corner of the back bar at the Sahara several years ago. The color of the wallet blended perfectly with the color of the bar top. I called over the bartender to see if he knew the guy that was that had sat there. The bartender was pretty eager to get his hands on the wallet. I told him the wallet would stay where it was since I was planning to play video poker at the bar. I was pretty sure the guy would come back. The guy did come back looking for his wallet. I gave him his wallet. He never said thanks and just turned and walked away. I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

    5. Greetings from Indarctica! Enjoy the weather there, even if the gaming sucks. Hope your luck turns.

    6. Good luck on your last day and safe trip home!!!!

    7. I'm sure that this will end up like a Hollywood movie in which you get back all of your losses on a Keno game, then drive home in a Mustang and a Hummer.

      Side note. There was a local banging out a CCR tune on his guitar one morning outside Bills. Really working it. So I threw 5 bucks In his guitar case. 30 minutes later I hit $1100 on a John Wayne penny machine. Karma at it's finest. I'm sure the $25 chip will do the same for you.


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