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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Polaroid Vortex Turbo Lucky Streak

Jan 8, 2014 Spirit of Savvy - Day 11 - Tuesday

Our last day in Vegas. (Or was it?...)

It's been a pretty crappy trip in many way and I had to really wonder if and when I would ever see another Royal Flush.

In fact, I got my last one on the first full day of the previous trip, so some 18 or 19 heavy play days had passed since I'd achieved The Hand.

We walked down the hallway to start our morning video poker sessions and I said, "Well, today's the day. Royal day."

"That's because there isn't any other day," replied the Quad Queen.

"Exactly! They're always one step ahead of us!!!"

My morning started as usual with nothing good happening but before long it became apparent that the Quad Queen was on a tear.

QQ Quad number 1.
QQ Quad number 2. Note it was dealt on the redeal after holding the Queen.

QQ Quad number 3. Dealt.
And finally, after she used the Strict Rules of Parlay (Queensbury variation) to move up to dollars...

Yes, after all the hours and hours of play, all the losing, all the close calls, she finally nailed a ROYAL FLUSH.

I felt a huge, huge weight lifted off my shoulders. This was part vindication of our approach, which is predicated on eventually getting Royals, of which we had had exactly fuck-all none doughnut goose egg. Until now.

You also get a free t-shirt when you hit a Royal at the Cal. She could now wear a head-to-to 'go anywhere' outfit provided entirely by the casino - a Cal hat, and a blue t-shirt.

Obligatory money on the bed photo.
Carrying on with our day, we did some triple play at Main St. Station and then had our traditional rest break (for the sickly and weak).

I checked out the news and flight status and found that the Polaroid Vortex had completely cluster-fucked Pearson airport. They'd closed Pearson because, according to officials, "it was a bit nippy out there, and some of our ground crew did not have sweaters."

This stranded people on planes for hours, and caused huge backlogs in luggage processing, not to mention canceled flights and such - SOP (standard operating procedure) for Air Fuck You Canada.

The savvy thing to do in this case was to confirm that we could rebook our flights online without any penalties (confirmed) and rebook for Friday (rebooked).

As if being stuck in Vegas an extra 2 days is not punishment enough, there may be a looming Velveeta cheese shortage. Crikey!!!

Later, at the Fremont, where we went to play, weirdnesses continued. We sat down to play some Pick'em and heard the 'happy music' coming from the other side of the bank.

"Hit something good?" I shouted to the woman I'd seen settling in to play video keno.

"Hand pay," she replied.

Yes, it was a hand pay all right. But one I'd never seen the likes of before.

Someone trundled over, paid her a penny, and shut off the 'happy music'.

Mrs. Flusher continued her lucky streak hitting a straight flush on Pick'em for $300 less a quarter.

We tried some other stuff - I continued to lose of course until I had a moment on good ole dollar Boner Deluxe.

Dollar Boner Deluxe Quad for the R.F.
I rustled up grub - same-day comp seafood buffet - and we ate crab legs and about six cheesecakes each. Why? Why not!

They label the cheese for your convenience. In case you don't know what sliced cheese is.
We did some triple play and this and that at the Fremont and we were getting very close to another of our goals for this trip - to get my card up to Emerald status.

The last of the Quad Queen's turbo luck streak.

Luck did finally turned for the Quad Queen and I started my usual slow slide into an unrecoverable losing day.

Another weirdness. Never seen this display issue before on a VP machine.
We had more points to get so after a brief refresh in the room (this coughing 48,184 times a day tires one out) we did the final march on triple and five play quarters at MSS.

It ate quite a bit of dough with no wins but I now own a couple of shiny new Emerald cards that I can use to skip the lines at the Cal coffee shop with and up my bonus point return from 0.2% to a staggering 0.3%

Q.Q. up on the day $3200 (would have been more, but taxes withheld on the $4K, don't forget).
R.F. down on the day around $500. What else is new.

Down on the trip a low quality beater used car.


    1. Well done on getting Emerald. Sorry about you not having a profitable trip.

    2. Congrats on the Royal. Hopefully the polaroid vortex did you a favor in giving you a couple of extra days to make a full comeback plus it gives us a couple double bonus trip reports. Always a joy to read your reports. Thanks!!!!

    3. I predicted you would get a Royal today!!!! CONGRATS!!!! Score on the two extra days as well!!!

    4. Awwwww, Flusher......with two extra days I have a feeling your luck is about to change.

    5. Hey, I'm glad to see that the QQ got a Royal. Just need you to get one now Flushiepants!

    6. Congrats on the RF...glad it was dollars - you earned it!

    7. Fellow Canuck here.
      Did you get your tax back on the Royal Win?
      I won $30K on LIR (I know, what are the chances of that) and got all my tax back. You have to jump thru some hoops and fill out some forms but you eventually get it back.

      1. Haven't filed yet, but I'm sure we will be able to get it back. Congrats on your LIR hit!


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