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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pyramid O' Creamer, the Irish Thespian

Jan 9, 2014 Spirit of Savvy - Part 12 - Wednesday

This is the day that never was, this is the time that that didn't exist, these are the events that were never born, these are the creamers, never stacked.

- Pyramid O'Creamer, Famed Irish Thespian

We should have been headed back home to the Canada we love. (We just don't love it in winter quite so much.)

I don't have a lot of hy-larious details to offer you today, we mostly just went through the same paces as the last few days without anything really interesting happening.

Our video poker play continued to be pretty horrid, on par with most of our sessions this trip. It was basically lose, lose, lose for most of the day with a few high spots here and there.

After losing sessions, we'd run back to the room with a $20 keno ticket and sulk and rest.

I asked one of the keno folks how many numbers was a good choice. She said she'd worked at keno for 32 years and in 32 years the highest number of spots she's ever seen come in is 10 out of 10. And that happened twice in 32 years.

There have been a few 9 out of 9s and lots of eight out of eights. But she recommends the 7 spot ticket as the best bet.

So that's what we've got for tonight.

The (incomplete) Royal Flusher Pyramid o' Creamers.
Mrs. F. got a quad on the old dollar 9/6 coin droppers at the Cal.I dumped $120 in 2 minutes. The quad pickings were really slim today and we had much unrewarding play.

I retaliated by shoving a $20 bill into some slot and hitting this for $100 - which I kept and gambled back later.

We did a round of triple play at MSS - I bailed early and played some blackjack, which I lost at. I took my last $20 in reds and played them one at a time on roulette. One of my bets came in, $5 straight up for $175.

Shout-outs to Beeejay (and Bond James Bond).
Lots of VP.
Comped steak dinner at 777. We had t-bones.

Maybe the best part of the day was when we took a few quarters and dollars we had left and played old school coin-dropper 9/6 quarter jacks uprights - just like the machines we cut our teeth on. These ones were set to double up after every win. This reminded me so much of the very first time I spent any time on nickle video poker at the Luxor, trying to double up. My record was to go from 5 nickels to 640, doubling each time.

Basically, the overall losing trend of this continued for pretty much all day. I think I had one quad in the morning, two on triple play, and the one pictured above on quarters.

It should be noted that any lucky charms we had didn't do shit. I think we need to find Hello Kitty and fast!

Still, we enjoyed the day in many ways and feel very lucky that we can be here to enjoy each other's company and to support the local economy while being reamed in the ass with gambling losses.

R.F. (I can't bear to look.)
Q.Q. (Ditto.)

Because I was supposed to be back at the plant making size 7 grommets tomorrow, I will have to spend a lot of time on the phone answer Norbert's stupid questions about maintaining the machinery on the grommet line.

Last time this happened all the guys pretended not to know how to tighten a loose bolt that was causing the grommets to come out all looking like W.C. Fields.

So I coached Norbert on a two hour search for the metric pliers needed to tighten the bolt.

In any case, I will be in the room most of the day tomorrow, on the phone, and not losing my shirt.


    1. How come you don't go to any shows

    2. I will be heading downtown Vegas next week, do have any tips. Maybe tell me where you went wrong. I feel your pain but would prefer another outcome. Anyways loved your report as usual and was really rooting for you to hit a royal - Maybe at the Airport! Have a safe trip home - Its real nasty here but a heat wave is coming on the weekend.

    3. Just to enlighten the poster anon that Royalflusher did nothing wrong. The videopoker machines take in more than they payback. That is why the casino exists. You are not supposed to go home with as much money as you came with. Its just entertainment. Royalflusher covered this in one his first posts about a pen.


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