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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Remember Getting Royals Like Flipping Pancakes

Jan 4, 2014 Spirit of Savvy - Day 6 - Friday

The night passed in our beautiful King Suite at Enwynn and when I woke up there were only two or three small organs on the floor that had been coughed up during the night. Maybe a slight improvement?

So much coughing. I haven't had sore abs like this since Norbert at Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer held an impromptu 'twerking' class at the company picnic last summer.

I had no stake at all so I borrowed a couple of hundred from the Quad Queen.

Anything beats cashing yet another traveler's check.

"Today's going to be the day!" I said. "I'm going to play $5 in a dollar VP machine, and if I get any profit, that's it for the day. That'll guarantee a winning day!"

I headed down to the Encore casino around 7:00am, immersing myself in the burbling chill soundtrack and the incessant beeping of the jack-in-the-beanstalk machines the staff were using to do something or other up around the ceiling. Probably polishing Steve's ego.

After a while, I got a couple of cappuccinos going and was dealt my twelfth attempt at four-to-a-royal.

BZZT. Nothing doing.

Some hands from my morning session.

Fake royal.
 I make another four to a straight flush draw, which was kinda nice.

The session was actually a pretty good one. I took it easy, starting at quarters and parlaying. Once I got to dollars I'd play along some but be sure to take the profit rather than blowing it all back.

And, I even got my nemesis hand, four-to-a-straight flush. I was literally shocked when the needed 6 of hearts came up.

We kind of bailed on the idea of playing heavy at Wynn. The games are just too insurmountable, and our budget is weak. We'll have to be happy with the 'somewhat' offers we get, like one or two free nights if you buy one, and some free play or a couple of buffets.

It's cheaper to pay for the rooms there than try to get established at the level of play they want for a fully comped stay based on VP.

We had to go check in at the Cal, which I'd overlapped with our last night at Encore.

The best part of the day was spotting this great old school Plymouth Duster, piloted by a great old school mutton chopped Plymouth Duster type guy. Only if you look like this guy can you drive a Duster!

I used my wiley finessing at the counter along with a willing helper, some inside information, and a $20 bill to secure a Parlour Suite for our stay.

Finally, something savvy!

We took a look at our room and just crashed, sleeping for an hour.

The Quad Queen's cough is bad enough that I decided enough was enough. I hopped in the rental while she slept and headed to Walmart on Charleston and got syrups, pills, and various other liquids.

Thank goodness the DM syrup is doing the trick and her coughing is much better since she started chugging it down.

We did a full session at the Cal because we want to play at the same level as at the Four Queens.

Attrition did its duty and I eventually had to do the walk of shame.

Our losses this trip are pretty bad, although not unreasonable for dollar play. It's just that we're not used to it, and its also a shame that this is happening the first time out at higher stakes.

Our luck has been monumentally bad and that's just the way it is.

And to be honest, it's kind of hard to keep the blogging going under the circumstances - you rabid readers of our exploits will have noticed that this (Friday's) entry didn't appear until late Saturday. I needed a day off.

In any case, forgive me if I stop posting the gross disgusting many thousands loss figures.

We ate brunch and then in my next session, I hit two quads in one minute. Weird. Then I blew it all back. Typical.

Quad queen on the board with 7s.

One thing we decided to try, instead of focusing on dollar play here, is to try triple play (or five or ten play) quarters. That gives us the higher coin in we want to do, but decreases the chances that we'll get taxed on Royals.

This is assuming one ever darkens our doorstep again.

We did have a bunch of quads, and some fun, playing triple play Bonus Poker quarters, but I didn't bother with the pictures. They happen (generally) pretty frequently on multi-play.

We thought dinner at the Pasta Pirate would be good and no sooner did we get seated than the Quad Queen started coughing up a storm. The open kitchen was just too much for her poor beaten-up lungs.
We ended up getting our order to go and eating in the room.

We only got one fork plastic fork so I let Mrs. F use it and ate my ravioli alfredo with a spoon. Fitting.

We headed back to Encore and played out our freeplay (from points) there. We had a fun time playing Stupid Times Pay Triple Play.

And actually, minor victory, we got a bunch of quads and other multiplier hands, and I cashed out up $3.87 profit for the session, and the Quad Queen cashed out up $100 on the session.

"Remember," I said wistfully as we lay down to try to sleep, "...remember when we used to get Royals like flipping pancakes?"

"Huh?" she replied.

"I have no idea what that means."

RF down $380 on the day
QQ down $500 on the day


    1. You mention pancakes in your title and then NO dupars crack cakes? What is the meaning of this?!?!?!?!?

    2. Sorry things are going rough. Breaking even a day is good. Seems so empty, but compared to the $500 losses it's a big win if you look at it that way. You won $500. There.

      1. I often think of it that way. Say you win $200 on a session. Instead of losing $300. It's a $500 difference - huge!

    3. Think you would be better off playing quarter FPDW and 10/7 DB and paying for your rooms.
      7/5 BP is a sure trip to the poorhouse.

    4. I commiserate, mon frere. As a fellow dollar player those valleys can really test your psychological bankroll (not to mention actual bankroll). The only thing you can do is quit or keep playing until the VP gods smile on you. For you I hope they smile real soon, a great big grin.

    5. The casinos have alot of bills to pay and theyll take every penny you want to give them.

    6. Everyone wants to be Bob Dancer or Jean and play the big buck machines. Stick to quarters.

      1. I have no urge whatsoever to be like those folks. The world has one Bob Dancer already, surely that is enough.

        Maybe Jimmy Poon could be like them, but I'm not smart enough. And there is the Canadian tax withholding issue as well.

    7. Now doesn't that make you think how much people blow just to become 7 Stars at Harrahs...all for a cruise

    8. Just stumbled onto your blog. Love it. Got to admire your blogging dedication in the face of adversity. It's all I can do to make a small note of the losses when the bad times come around. 69 days and I'll be there. Are you tweeting ? Would be great to read live updates. Hope today goes well for you.

      1. Thanks! Yes I twit a bit...

    9. Just stumbled onto your blog. Love it. Got to admire your blogging dedication in the face of adversity. It's all I can do to make a small note of the losses when the bad times come around. 69 days and I'll be there. Are you tweeting ? Would be great to read live updates. Good luck today.


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