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Friday, January 10, 2014

Spirit of Savvy - Got the Spirit, Where's the Savvy?

Jan 10, 2014 With the rescheduled flights due to the Polaroid Vortex in Toronto, this would be our last full day in Vegas.

If you've been reading along, you'll know that we have suffered quite a bit of 'negative variance'.

However... while I was stuck in the room on the phone with the Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer plant back in Flusherville, ON, where I spend my days in a soul-crushing grommet production job, spewing out rubber disks to keep The Man off my back, Mrs. Flusher... the Quad Queen.... was busy having one of the most amazing parlay streaks ever seen.

See for yourself!


By now she is up to 605 credits.
Parlayed to five-play.

Up to 1630 quarters, parlay to ten-play!

Over the top with 4020 quarters.
Yup, she pushed the parlay up to $1000. Pretty savvy parlaying if you ask me. Thirteen quads I think she said, so thirteen scratch cards on top of it.

We had to see the host about some things (get our room rates picked up for the nights that were not comped) and that's when I spotted Hello Kitty. Was this the lucky charm I'd been missing?

"I need to touch Hello Kitty!" I whispered to the Quad Queen.

"You are not going to ask that woman if you can touch her pussy," she replied, savvily.

We took it easy on the play today and in the evening, on what was to be my last session of the trip, my last hundred of the day - I know it sounds too storybook, but that's the way it happened - anyway, I had a moral victory to some degree:

Royal Flush by Royal Flusher

The day ended with us both having a winning day - first time this trip we'd managed it.

R.F. Up $600 day
Q.Q. Up $600 day

We did a little bit of play this morning with coffee and whatnot and in two hours the only quad I could muster was dealt to me.

That's pretty much it for this time around. We're off to the airport in half an hour and by tonight we will hopefully be home in Flusherville.

We learned a lot this trip with our increased bankroll and it will be interesting to see what happens to the offers.

When we played mostly quarters we usually had a target loss max of $300 a day. We pretty much hit that, around $270 a day. Not that you ever want to do that.

The upside is that we can claim back maybe $2400 in tax for last year, and we got quite a bit in comps and cashback.

We played through $145K at Cal/MSS/Fremont. Well over quarter million coin in for the trip, which is kind of scary. No wonder my fingers are sore!

Here's the comp list:

Comps $2,461
Four Queens room $300
Four Queens Fremont NYE Bracelets $80
Four Queens food $192
Four Queens cash back $325
Wynn freeplay $200
Wynn 1 room night $200
Four Queens Freeplay $120
Cal food vouchers $40
Cal Suite 3 nights $150
MSS Buffet same day comp $22
MSS Buffet same day comp again $22
Fremont Seafood buffet comp $40
Cal prime rib dinner comp $30
Cal/MSS/Fremont cash back (to come) $250
Cal room charges (4 nights, food, internet) $490

*updated - the Cal picked up all of our room charges according to our credit card statement.

There were lots of high points and fun this trip even if it was without a doubt the worst vacation we've ever taken, and one of the most expensive.

I'm grateful for the chance to expose my incredibly bad play to the world on this blog for your entertainment, and grateful that you take time to hopefully laugh along.

Next time will be even better and even savvier!

Royal Flusher

Updated December 2014 - I wish I had had the balls to keep solid records on this. With the perspective of a full year's worth of dollar play behind us, I have a better idea of the swings involved.

Based on a careful financial reconstruction under the guidance of Jimmy Poon and using my somewhat trusty Jonny Quest Big Button calculator, here are what I think the final results are:

Royal Flusher Trip: -$3244
Quad Queen Trip: $-425

Combined: -$3669


    1. Black RF's are my favorite. Congrats

    2. TThank you for sharing your trip and all the fun. I live in LV and have never had that much enjoyment out of it.

    3. Thanks for allowing me to share in your fun, your experiences, and, unfortunately, your frequent mysery. We've all been there, Mr. Flusher. While your first name is Royal, mine is Toilet.

      As stated previously, I love your style, and understand how difficult it is in an attempt to be cute when you feel sooooooooo shitty.

      Thanks for your efforts, and thank QQ for her toleration as well. I look forward to your next adventure, and hope the timing of your RF's is reversed in your next trip.

      Happy New Year, from Vegasvette

    4. thanks for letting us ride along on your trip. Sorry to hear about you and QQ feeling sick during your stay. Glad to see you ended your trip with some nice wins and better luck next time.

    5. At least you had a happy ending!!!!!

    6. Love it bro, keep blogging, the big win is coming!

    7. I've enjoyed your trip reporting throughout. I don't think I could have soldiered on at some points, but you managed admirably.
      Thanks for the entertaining read, I'm looking forward to the next one.

    8. At least (except for Wynn where you can't under $5)you played FPVP.
      If I was in your shoes the toughest part of the trip would've been leaving Wynn and going back to downtown !

    9. Nice comeback last couple days. The $25 chip is what did it. Don't fuck with Karma. ....wpete

    10. Enjoyed your report very much. Ups and downs are life in Vegas but you came home strong. And gave us all a thrilling ride as we followed along. Thank for sharing!


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