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Friday, January 3, 2014

You can be my bitch!!!

Jan 3, 2014 Spirit of Savvy - Day 6 - Thursday

The night's sleep was, like sex, short, noisy and tiring.

The Quad Queen didn't sleep well at all, and I left the earplugs out, in case she needed me to go on any emergency liquor runs.

Dawn was beautiful in Vegas, night whispering its final goodbye in pastel colors that stretched across the valley, kissing it good morning.

"Good morning Steve Wynn! The Flushers have more money for you!" said nighttime.
We rallied ourselves to try yet again and vowed to be more cautious with our play. We started with some Bonus Poker (Queensbury Rules of Parlay) and then did some Super Times Pay quarters.

It's fun to play at the bar in the morning because it is deserted. It's like having our own little casino with its own little bar that has been abandoned by the staff.

This all sounds great except we played a full hour without either of us hitting a quad.

Executing the Strict Rules of Parlay with Richelieu variation, and starting at 50 cents, I did finally hit four Jacks at the dollar level and proceeded to the two dollar level. When I'd parlayed, I cashed out a $200 ticket.

Then I put another $20 in and continued at the $2 level. This is the Richelieu variation, designed to keep me from blowing back all the profits on exhilarating $2 play like I did the day before.

We took a walk in search of Fisherman's Friend lozenges but failed to locate any. I'm almost out of the Ricolo ones I bought downtown.

On the way back to Encore this random guy asked me to take his picture. So I did. He had me positioned way too far away so I moved in close and shot a few more.

Then I headed into the men's to wash my hands. Phones are cruddy bacteria sources.

I went back out into the promenade and nodded at the fellow.

"Great pictures eh?" I said.

He made the 'so-so' motion with his head. He smiled weakly.

"Maybe you could take it again."

So we went through the rigamarole again, and I had to wash up yet again. For revenge, I took his picture and vowed to put it on the internet.

The Guy.
We went to the Society Cafe for breakfast and were seated at a cozy, quiet little table for two.

Coffee, short rib hash for two.

Short rib hash at the Society Cafe. Delicious and filling!

Them little puny jars of jam they give you.
"You know," I said between bites of toast spread with sticky raspberry jam from one of them little puny jars of jam they give you, "the $25 resort fee includes access to the fitness center."

"Uh huh."

"We should check it out. See if there's any stuff we can steal."

This was when the family of 90 started setting up right at my elbow. And it took forever. And it was noisy.

After five minutes of the noise a family of 90 with 300 toddlers makes, Mrs Flusher said, "Oh my God, I can't take the racket anymore. Why did they have to sabotage our quiet breakfast???"

"It's okay, I gave the kids those open jars of jam to play with."

"You're going to be busy," I said to our waiter. "Why didn't you seat them near the Single Lonely Diner table?"
Table for 90 please. Plus our 300 children. They were actually very nice people. And noisy.
After finishing up and signing the bill to someone's room (sorry Mr. Ripanippeloff, if you exist), we exited. Actually, we tried. The Family 90 plus 300 were blocking the entire section as they still tried to get themselves organized. One of the Dads was bent over, sticking his ass out in the hallway.

I swear to God this is true, I gave him a hip bump disco style as we walked by. He never knew what hit him.

Mrs. Flusher finally got her first quad of the day.... DEALT to her.

My savvy readers tell me a little over 10% of quads are dealt. I think we're over that average.

All in all, it was another shitty gambling morning with only one quad each all morning.

We retired to the room to feel shitty up there instead of down in the casino, and I did my blogging for yesterday.

The triple play Super Times Pay had been fun so finally we went down to do more of that. We had some drinks and played for a while but ultimately I lost.

But some cool things happened along the way.

Ten times multiplier for the Quad Queen...
And a nice $200 plus hit!

Yes, I was dealt four to a Royal...
Yes I suck.

It was pretty frustrating to get dealt four to a Royal. The draw to four to a Royal count is now 11 for me and but 3 for the Royal-less Queen.

We played at the bar again and I was going through money quickly. Couldn't get anything going at all.

Fortunately, Mrs. F hit four Aces on Bonus for $200.

I went machine hopping and tried $20 here and $20 there on different games, different machines, dollar and 50 cent play.

And you've never seen play so bad. I'd get a pair or two and then be out of money. I blew through the $120 in maybe 7 or 8 minutes. I was feeling extremely frustrated and angry and sick and tired and my day's budget was blown to smithereens.

Nothing left to do but go back upstairs and cool my jets. I was really pissed and feeling like the machines are rigged.

And, I do apologize for the lack of entertainment value in this day's blog posting but really, we feel like crap and it's hard to find much fun right now.

To make up for all this, I plan a special next post which I'm sure you'll either enjoy or think is immature and off color.

"I'm going to find a sandwich."

I stalked off. I found a sandwich. I ate it in my room and read junk on the internet.

After a while, the Quad Queen came up and we sat around talking.

I'd decided to give it one more try maybe but it meant adding to my stake - again.

"I have an idea. You can be my proxy. You play the money I give you," she said.

"And the winnings?"

"You give those to me," she said. "You can be my bitch!"

I declined this generous offer. We went down and I got some stake money from her to add to mine.

Again, couldn't get much going. We decided to go on triple play Super Times Pay again as that was the only place we'd had any fun.

And it was fun, but we also didn't win anything.

Dinner? Room service rib eye. Very good.

Here's the best part of the day.

The Quad Queenus Emeritus had a winning day. She is plus $70 for the day.

R.F. down $570 on the day.
Q.Q. up $70 on the day.

Down mumbley mumble on the trip.

Some more quads from tonight which we blew back.


    1. Well, tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully it will be a lucky new day. Always enjoy reading your blogs.Great sense of humor!

    2. Hang in there buddy. The video poker gods will find you today.

    3. When you are blogging, every morning I grab my coffee and laugh my way into the day by reading your humor. You may be having a crappy time, but the rest of us are enjoying it! Karma says luck will change.


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