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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

The Worst Case Breakfast Scenario

The hotels along our way were cookie cutter replicas of each other. And yet, the La Quinta in Brunswick (the second La Quinta) sucked.

The room somehow was gloomy. The lights were just such a color that the overall effect was cold an uninviting. Fortunately, Chippy was whacked on travel Gabapentin and didn't seem to mind.

They used these prison yard lamp shades, placed in such a way that you would bang your head when getting within 3 feet of the switch.

Bang Head Here

Cracked mirror, broken lighting in the bathroom mirror, broken pull on the drapes, one thing after another.

The worst thing was the ever present stench of 5,000 flavors of dog piss in the elevators. (I counted.)

Actually, that was the second worst thing.

The worst thing was the useless goddamn free breakfast. The steam table was marked 'closed due to covid'.

Excuse me? Last time I checked sausage patties and steam table crumbly eggs from powder don't get Goddamn COVID!!!!

Breakfast was the worst case scenario of packaged granola bars, muffins, bagels, and so on. Carb crap. The only redeeming carb was the flip-o-matic waffle machine for making upside down waffles. I availed myself of it and loaded up with butter and cream cheese cups.

I was happy to get out of there and on the road for our final leg of the trip, the one that ended in paradise at our winter trailer manufactured home in the trailer park senior retirement community.

The plan for this leg was to keep it shorter, and it was a pretty easy drive. We stopped for lunch at one of those Love gas and trucker gewgaw emporiums. It had a McDonald's, so the Quad Queen was happy. And, I got to see a vintage MG B.

I don't know why this photo exists. Enjoy.

Before long, we were an hour away. Then 40 minutes away. Then 30 minutes away. Then 29 minutes away. Then 23 minutes away. Then 20 minutes away. It was like a Gene Tracy Lifetime 8-track achievement award in reverse.

And finally, we'd arrived.

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    1. I was once told that "La Quinta" is Spanish for "not clean." ��‍♂️


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