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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Welcome to the Greacey Palms Senior Trailer Putt Putt Park

When we'd left Georgia behind and crossed the state line into Florida, in some sense, we'd made it.

But the big mystery still lay ahead - just what in the hell had we plunked down the Quad Queen's layoff money on? What would we be living in this winter?

Instead of going through Daytona, we'd skirted Jacksonville and headed west, and then south through northern Florida of the eastern panhandle.

Northern Florida is, let's say, 'interesting'. There's certainly a lot of freedom going on, which some express in the flaunting of manufacturer's recommendations at every turn, housing units that sport nine different colors of paint (or no paint at all), and mismatched, oversized tires on every possible vehicle from every possible era.

I'm guessing there are a lot of mattresses with no tags, and lots of safety guards removed from every manner of dangerous, rapidly rotating equipment, based on the orthodontistry evident at the Love's truck stop.

These are my kind of people! I love that they are loving their life, and they should stay just right where they are. And away from my place.

Next time, we will stick to the paved roads.

Anyway, we made it to the Greacey Palms Senior Trailer Putt Putt Park and broached the gates.

Mr. Greacey was in his office, just past the gate, and had a set of keys for us, a map with an 'x' showing our lot, and a two month complimentary membership to the Putt Putt course.

We followed the map and suddenly there it was! Home!

It looked good! The eavestroughs were still mostly attached, and the vintage rusted out Karmann Ghia had been towed away from the front yard, leaving a rectangle of dead grass surrounded by a decorative fringe of weeds, and some cinder blocks that were bound to come in handy in this sub-tropical paradise.

First things first, we woke Chippy up and let her have a sniff and a whizz, and then got her into the trailer manufactured home. We had a look around while she settled in, and then unloaded the Tercel.

So, there we were in our house, no furniture, no food, and no running water. It was due to be turned on the next day.

We'd put in a Walmart order, and we'd timed it right - delivery happened a couple of hours after we got there. Unfortunately the $6 folding camp chairs didn't arrive, so we had no place to sit.

Thank goodness the fridge was plugged in and turned on, so we had a place to stow our perishables and chill some drinks.

The house even came with a golf cart, although the previous owners name and favorite team were emblazoned on the cart body in various places. A quick look showed the batteries were completely flat.

We prepped for no furniture and came with yoga mats, and an air mattress.

The microwave also worked, so that was good.

Dinner was sandwiches or something, the Quad Queen broke her cheeseburger and fries diet plan.

It was incredibly exciting to finally see our place a year after we bought it. But we were dead beat.

The air mattress inflated, and I was out cold at about 9:00 pm.

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