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Sunday, March 13, 2022

Vegas Return - Planning Flights

The first step in planning a triumphant return to Vegas trip, is to look at flights. Fortunately I have options!

I have a shit ton of Aeroplan points, $640 WestJet dollars, and $1700 in my WestJet travel bank - which is money we plunked down on flights pre-covid, that we subsequently didn't take.

WestJet are notorious for being fiduciary dicks about this sort of thing, holding on to my money instead of refunding it. The service was not provided or consumed, and they owe me my cash, not some flaky travel bank credits that they actually have the nerve to put an expiry date on. Meanwhile, they were happy to take gummint COVID hand-out cash and, oh, by the way, are buying a charter airline.

No wonder they need my money.

I tend to plan flights and trains first, then hotels. I did take a quick look at my comp possibilities and almost everything has dried up except MGM. And the Wynn Slots app is a possibility too. But Boyd, TI, the Nugget, the D, El Cortez, Tropicana - all my previous status is a dry as a James Bond martini. Drier even.

We're heading back to Flusherville mid-April.

Ideally, I want non-stop flights. 

Ideally, I want flights that will allow me to take the train to and from Flusherville the same day as the flight departs or arrives.

Ideally, I want flights that aren't redeyes.

Ideally, I want flights that I can book in Super Mega Ultra Premium First Mind Your Business class, and have lounge access and all that.

Realistically, I'll take anything.

So I started by looking at WestJet.

Their schedule is awful. Completely unacceptable for my triumphant return travel needs.

Then I looked at Air Canada. And by gum, it looked like I could get a flight in Business class for my points.

There's an outbound on April 30th that works, and trains are not a problem. And a return on May 11th. It's a redeye, but that meant I could easily grab a train to Flusherville. And I had enough - and I mean JUST enough - Aeropeso points to do it.


It should be noted that I've done a number of these horrible surveys to generate Aeroplan points, 25 or 50 at a time. Because degenerate.

They'd come in handy some day, and boy, I was right. Survey points made the difference with a little bit to spare.

The total was 56,300 points and $75 CAD in funds.

On AC Rouge.

Ah well, at least I'll be up front, Business class to Vegas, for only $75 out of pocket. That's practically comped!

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    1. Woo-hoo Flushy is back! This pandemic is officially over!


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