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Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Hard Night's Day

Day 12 part one and this is it. The long, and winding day leading to the long red-eye night.

Having a night off gambling actually did me good. It always takes a few hours to purge the feelings of losing (second worst day of the trip) and generate a new feeling of well being and wonderment that I'm actually in Vegas.

I slept very well indeed, and managed to sleep in a bit even, knowing what was coming.

But before I get into the day, a little bit more of yesterday. Dinner, to be exact.

After working on the blog for a couple of hours, I grew hungry, and checked out Pin-up Pizza. $8.99 for the slice and I found it to be pretty darn good.

The slices are huge, and the pies are not quite finished being cooked. They go into a very hot oven and come out as good as you could hope for in a re-heated slice. If you could get a completely fresh pie it would be amazing. (Maybe you can?)

I snuck my sub-sected piece of circular carbo-cheese food cut along the radii into Earl of Sandwich's eating area and snarfed it down.

And then bed, and now we are all caught up on how the devastation last full day in Vegas ended, and now back to the day.

But before I do, I do want to point out that yesterday I cashed a keno ticket for $62.20. But I'm not counting it against my stake for two reasons. One, it would make my results worse. And two, I re-invested it.

Yes, I bought a mega keno ticket with five numbers, for 620 games, at a dime a game. Five out of five gets me $100, and it'll take days for the games to play through, allowing me to officially continue gambling long past my return to Flusherville.

Back to the morning of day 12, and I had $400 in cash left, and was determined to take some of it home, so I mentally pegged my stake at $300. But really, I wasn't prepared to lose even that much and... I had a plan.

I would play 5 spot video keno at one quarter a throw and no more, and it would last a long time, I wouldn't lose much, and I would eventually hit 5 out of 5 for an 838 quarter payout. That's just shy of $210.

And I would pursue this restrained feat of gambling savvy at Bellagio.

I've always liked the place, but have never really spent much time there.

Plus I needed breakfast and had MGM Reward dollars I could blow.

I presumed there was a good, cheap place to eat there, and Twitterdom provided all kinds of suggestions for Bellagio-based inexpensive eateries. (I just realized that pro bloggers would at this point talk about such and such a place being to spendy and another place being not very spendy.)

Bellagio nosh troughs that aren't to spendy according to Twitter:
- Secret Pizza next door
- Noodles, Sadelle's or Lago - except they aren't cheap
- Snacks at the sportsbook
- employee vending machines
- Hatty Bs or Eggslut at the Cosmopolitan
- Cosmo, Ballys, CVS, or anyplace else but Bellagio

It really was a beautiful day, if a bit chilly. I quite enjoyed my stroll to Bellagio and stopped to take some unique photos of the scenery that have only been taken some 8.38M times before, the exact same pictures. No matter, I'd take more inside.

There were so many people taking photos of the conservatory that basically hundreds of strangers were taking photos of each other, surrounded by the tops of beheaded plants.

Presumably there are photos of me in someone's phone, taking photos of them with my phone.

I'd stumbled to Sadelle's and decided to just eat there. Yeah, it was spendy, but MGM rewards points, and it was my last day in Vegas.

I sat at the bar and ordered the Western omelette. I got the Vegas omelette, but it was good so I ate it anyway. I threw in a side of pork sausage.

I may have over ordered but I was hungry - it was pushing 11:00.

One nice thing happened - my keno numbers hit on the first game in the morning! I was already positive on the day by $38 profit!

Sometimes things are not created equal, I was reminded.


The meal was good and my points worked. I didn't have to show ID, which makes me wonder if someone finding a card could just use it to go to Sadelle's and order the Unfair Sausages.

I liked the place. It has an air of a classy European cafe, full of pastel colors, and happy bustle, with views of the Conservatory, and the pool. Spendy or not, I liked it.

And then... it was time to gamble.

The next installment may be a while. I'm on 2 hours sleep and still 3 hours from home.

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