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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

A Subsection of a Spheroid

Day 11 part one and the day started full of promise. I'd managed to shake off a really bad day the day before with a last dollar Hail Mary that paid off somehow. Those things rarely work when you are in a slump but sometimes... sometimes they do.

Trimming the day's loss from $600 to $200 at the very last moment was really important to me. I've had one $700 day this trip, and I don't want to have any more. It's really gone well overall, and I was hoping to keep myself in good shape, maybe even coming in under $1000 of losses.

Four a 12 day trip, that would be pretty good.

Anyway, it was a fresh day and a fresh bankroll of $400, and I had $25 free play at Cosmopolitan, which is right across the street.

Hard at work on the blog.

I diligently cranked out a bunch of drivel for the previous day's blog post. I'm at my best when under pressure, and I was getting hungry for circular foods wrapped in colorful paper.

The McDick's app showed that I could buy a Sausage a'Muffin with Egg and get a second one free gratis. Sold! I actually like these things, they are closer to something you might make yourself than any of the pretty horrid McDickburgers.

After wolfing down the subsection of a spheroid breakfast items, I waltzed into the Cosmopolitan, all excited, particularly since so many of my friends on Vegas Fanatics hold it in such high esteem.

I found that 100 play game and fired up 2 cent Boner Deluxe. You can't get hurt playing 2 cents a credit, right?

A hundy went into the machine and I had a few good hands right off, with some quads. I did notice that it was costing $10 a throw, but I figured there were so many hands per spin it would average out. Right?

The worst thing in gambling can be to win early. False confidence.

It turns out I went at it way too hard. And before I knew it, my hundred was gone. No problem, I'll put in another and it will work out better, right?

Well, it didn't, except for one thing. I ran it down, and then didn't have enough money for 50 games. So it lets you play fewer games, as long as it's more than the minimum.

And I was dealt four to a royal with only 44 hands active instead of 100. And I did get a royal.

My second Royal Flush of the trip. An $80 micro royal.

I'd won back most of a hundy, so I should cash it out and do something less aggressive, right?

Ummm. Not as such, no. Not exactly.

The Identity boothling set up my $25 free play and I played that on video keno, which was bound to come in. I have not got nearly as many five out of fives on this trip as on others (two so far?) so it was a lock, right?

An hour after breakfast, I found myself shell-shocked, and down $300. In spite of getting a Royal Flush, the day was effectively in the dumper.

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