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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Bad Luck Calls for Bad Food

Day 3 part 2 where I noted that the answer to a run of bad luck is to get a run of bad food. This called for Lanai Express, in particular the two-item combo which is 90% fried rice by weight, and 10% two items.

I certainly could have made a worse choice, as did this family of ancient Hawaiian Aunties and Uncles, and their foray into the world of the incredibly large and bad wieners.

What were they dining without even knowing the way?
I actually kind of like the Lanai Express, reveling in its disappointment and subsequent regret.

With that out of the way, I fought the urge to revisit the Slutty Times Pay and successfully made it back to the Cal for a pit stop, the plan being to move on to Main Street Station, where I thought my luck might be better.

I'd doubled my daily stake to $600, topping up from my stash. A quick nap revived me before heading out.

I've noticed when my luck is really bad, the quads I get are not 'earned' - they are gifted, and this was the case for the first of the day.

There was an electronic scratch card feature that completely baffled me, but I did see that I'd gotten $2 out of it. They might as well have just eliminated the scratchers completely. The fun of it is gone.

Further success on video poker eluded me, but fortunately, I finally found some luck on a Buffalo game.


Profit! Was a turnaround in progress?

Next was a long run at video keno which yielded some good results. I really felt this machine was going to hit big. 

I feel lots of things.

Things turned back around and went in the dumper. I played this, I played that, I played twenty here and twenty there.

The wins just weren't coming, and I was getting pretty down. It's quite hard on a person, the traveling and then the non-stop go go go without taking much downtime, and add to that a long run of bad luck, and you get someone who is wondering why they even bothered.

Regardless, here are some pics of things.

I'd played for almost 4 hours and was getting stale. I'd recovered almost $200 and then lost it back and $100 more.

Luck had fled, so I went back to the Cal. And it was the same old story. Twenties would go in 4 minutes. I'd change machines, change games, and repeat.

I will say this, the slant tops tend to do this more, something I'd forgotten, and with only $50 left in my stake, I retreated and went to ground.

To the alcove.

To the warm embrace of Pinchy and Flashy.

And by God the old 9/6 Jacks quarters were stead as a rock, and even coughed up some quads.

Between the Jacks and the 8/5 Bonus on these old uprights, I played a full hour and cashed out even. I really couldn't play any more, everything aches right now. Especially the wallet.

I regrouped in the room and figured out just what to do.

I wouldn't play the remaining $50.

I would go out to Magnolia's and eat dinner on points. Then I'd go to the D and get a couple of gigantic Keno tickets.

Then I'd go to ABC and get a bottle of cheap hooch, and then I'd scurry back to my room like Fagin with a bundle of contraband goods and some bangers for the little minions.

I'd write up the day's blog posts, and drink myself stupid while watching keno numbers come in and fail to connect.

And that's just what I did!

I know better and forgot. Skip the Philly cheesesteak at Magnolia's.

Still there!

Day down $550
Trip up $155

Hey, how bad can it be? End of day 3 and I'm still up on the trip, and tomorrow I get to hang out with McGoo and Bobby G a bit, and check in at Encore!

Keep reading, somethings gotta happen.


    1. I know how you feel about some of the changes, had similar feelings about Sunset Station when we visited in January, but going again this week and will enjoy ourselves. Hope you luck picks up again, I was reading the No Kickers trip report last week, and hopefully the advice given back then sticks true now, keep pounding the buttons and let the maths work it out. Good luck at Encore and beyond. Graham W

    2. Please drop a few more flusher cards downtown before you go to the strip. Arriving tomorrow night and hope to find one in the wild!!!

    3. Ah yes, sadly I know exactly….that losing feeling of $20 in, play for 5-10 minutes, move and repeat until your day’s stake is gone. Way too many days like that on my last trip. That’s two disappointments for you at Magnolias. We enjoyed most of our meals there this trip, and found the service extra good.

    4. If only the casinos had kept status intact through COVID. It's a bad feeling to have to start again from scratch. Discouraging.

      Good luck! Have fun! We need your trip reports!!! 🎰😊


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