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Monday, May 2, 2022

Bobby G - Always a Smooth Ride

Day 2 part 2 and now that I had a nice big fat bankroll, it was time to start blowing it at the Cal.

Hello, Bobby G!

I got on that forthwith.

Video Keno at a buck a throw yielded nothing.

Losing in progress.

That was almost $60 gone. I took a $10 ticket out and put it in some stupid reel slot and took out $50. That would turn out to be the highlight of the post-Royal period.

I wandered around, playing this, playing that. Some Buffallllllo!!!! all kinds of video poker a twenty at a time. Nothing was hitting.

My internal clock is completely bamboozled and confused as to what time it is, so I'm just trying to go with the flow. Tummy said "FEED ME", so I headed to the coffee shop to try the Chop Steak, as promised the night before.

Chop Steak, with fries instead of rice.

Well, the Chop Steak was steak-like beefomeat, chopped (imagine!) and stir fried with onions and peppers in a sweet-ish sauce. It was delicious! But again, the prices on things at Magnolia's and here have skyrocketed. The plate above was $13.99. I might as well eat at the airport, or on the Strip.

Pointless photo of the abandoned remains of the salad bar.

There was a Bonus Poker royal progressive that was nearing $1200 - it was around $1180 to be exact, so I hammered that with the idea of getting the royal before it triggered any paperwork or tax withholding.

An hour went by and no royal and almost nothing to show for it.

It's weird how you can have a stretch of wins, including incredible Royal luck, and then nothing, nothing, nothing, no matter what machine you play.

An observation about the Cal casino - they've gutted so much video poker, it isn't funny. As in removed. There must be 40 or 50 machines gone from the lower part of the casino alone.

Proudly in their place stand automated craps and roulette and other assorted costly and boring diversions.

Anyway, since returning to the Cal after my big win, I was down $200. Time for a rest interval in the sleeping cubicle, where my meagre belongings are stored.

I was ecstatic to find that my bed was no longer short-sheeted. My skank feet would now be protected from the previous 1000 pairs of skank feet whose ghostly spirit inhabited the mattress pad.

There were plans in the offing - post rest, I'd meet up with Bobby G of Bobby G's Gambling and Good Times (and Bobby G of the lucky goddamn socks I was wearing).

You should check out his Youtube channel and subscribe! Food reviews, video poker sessions, and other goodies await.

We met up at Main Street Station for a drink at the bar.

Main Street is a shell of its former self. All the interesting coin droppers are gone. VP has been mostly downgraded. The VP at the bar is almost as good as at the Golden Nugget. Scratch cards are gone. Even the pit has less than half the tables they had before.

It is incredibly sad to me.

And it reminds me, unbelievably, of what the Las Vegas Club was like when it was on life support. The worse things got, the fewer the machines there were.

Most of the people I knew on the floor are gone with the scratchcards. I wish them well, wherever they landed.

At least Jose is still around at the Boar's Head.

We decided to grab a pizza at the Triple 7. I insisted on a Bobby G photo spread, so here are the results.

This last photo is the best one of Bobby G.

We headed over to the Cal to play some video poker. What a great evening! Fun conversation, laughs, cocktail waitress banter, endless man-bonding which meant mostly telling each other intermittently to fuck off, drinks flowing, everything was good except the video poker for me. I managed but two quads, but Bobby had a pretty smooth ride, finishing up for the session when it was over, mostly due to his patented Full House Parlay technique.

It was just a really nice, fun evening spent with a good guy.

Bobby G Simu-quad.

Another issue with Boyd properties, one that many of you are well aware of - you can't earn any comps until you graduate from Ruby to Sapphire, and the formula for generating tier points is obfuscated. Starting from zero this trip, I'm at 151 points.

Only some 600 points before I'm lifted from useless Ruby cardboard status to useless paperboard Sapphire status.

Is this the end of my California stays?

Now to the numbers.

Day up $665
Trip up $705

I would be remiss without a shoutout to all the amazing folks who have supported the blog in the last little while, and particularly during the trip so far.

Thank you all for your support! It makes me feel really good about my degenerate self and writing in general.

Thank you to Casey Jones, Vinny, D&S, Funkhouser, Sparky, Vinny, BrashLimburg, Bob Joseph, Vinny, Bob Remillard, ko-fi supporter, Jate, 2Blue, Hotdog, tje, Mario F, JTiff, Matt F., sgaffrn, Texas Steph, Jeanie, DF, my niece Lamondo, Tom TWI, VegasFan1970 and Huck, Rich, and TK!

Here's how I met Bobby G.

Good Luck Bobby G. - Royal Flusher Vegas

And in closing, one last photo for those who remember.


    1. Important questions:
      #1 - Is there still VP in the Cal alcove (near the check in desk to the left of the main group of BJ tables)?
      #2 - Do either Cal or MSS have $5 (or even $10) BJ?
      #3 - Any valet available at either Cal or MSS and if so, how much is it? Cal brought it back in March 2021 when i was last there and charged maybe $30 that wknd to 'compete' w Circa (smh).
      #4 - What's the lowest BJ minimum at El Co?

      1. Important answers:
        #1 - YES and Pinchy and Flashy are still there.
        #2 - I saw $10 BJ Monday morning and it quickly went up to $15. Never saw $5. Didn't play.
        #3 - Don't know
        #4 - I saw $15 today. Maybe it gets down to $10. Things ain't what they used to be.

    2. I recently read an article from The Atlantic that claims FB and other social media will eventually be the undoing of civil society. That may be but you are a great example of the best that it can be. Keep up the good work. The balance you provide makes all the difference.

      1. I use my savvy for good, not evil. And it shows. LOL. Thanks for the compliment.

    3. Yeah, Vp been disappearing in many (hell all) strip properties also. Nothin’ new. Crazy ass slots replacing them. But ye old buffalo, so many versions, can bring the occasional smile to face.

    4. Loved the old pay the aces machine at main street, theasure Chest video poker all gone!!!! sad!!!!!

    5. I've been back to Main St once since they reopened and I have no desire to go back - even though the place used to be my mainstay. The removal of most of the table games makes the place feel like a funeral parlor. Plus the price increases at Triple 7 were significant - and for food that's not worth that much more.

      Flusher have you tried Orleans? My Boyd offers let me chose the property, and lately I've always chosen the Orleans and been pretty happy with it. Plenty of good 99% VP, good restaurants (especially Ondori), $5 min. table games, and a very lively atmosphere. Way better than either the Cal or MSS. True, you can't really walk to another Casino from the Orleans, but with all they've got, you don't really need to.

      1. Good point, a fan of Orleans also, so many games to pick from, and lots of restaurants. Somehow have never stayed there. Maybe it's an option!

    6. I was so sad when I heard that Jennifer was no longer a cocktail server at MSS :( MSS hadn't reopened yet when I was there last July/August (the closest I got was having my Covid test to return to Canada done in the separate venue hall on the other side of the train!)

      1. Nice to hear from you. I sort of noted that I didn't see Jennifer at MSS, and I'm sad to hear she isn't there anymore. She was such a bright spot in our day.


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