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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Hit the Trail Mix

Day 5 part 2 and I decided to wander down to the Downtown Grand to see what was what, and maybe visit my Royal machine.

There construction going on around the Fremont casino expansion has reduced the street to a little walkway along the east side, and I found myself on a collision course with none other than Derek Stevens and his suity entourage.

I didn't bother him or anything, it's just cool to see the owner of not one but three downtown casinos wandering around. I wonder if he was on his way to the D or checking out something else?

They are doing a lot of work in the actual street, digging deep trenches etc. and I wonder if something is up. Probably just pipes. Yeah, that's it, pipes.

At the Downtown Grand, I settled in on a machine backing onto my Royal machine. I did check to see if the Royal was still there - it is not.

I fired up some video keno and again had a rough outing on it. Down $120.

Buffalo provided some more fun, though.

In the end, though, I was stampeded into losing my hundy. Now I was beginning to be concerned. Was I headed for another long losing streak? I was down $300 on the day, pretty much.

Not quite sure what to do next, I wandered into Fremont and thought, yeah, $100 in Super Times Slutty Pay Bonus Poker.

And I had quite a nice run!!! As far as getting quads go, today was the first sort of normal-feeling day I've had this trip.


After a good, long, solid play, I cashed out ahead $65.

Nice! The day was wearing on, and I had to figure out a plan. I'd need late lunch of some sort, enough to get me by until when I picked up a rental car at 9:00 pm. After that, I could do what I wanted.

First things first, I went back into the D and bought two $100 Keno tickets. One a straight 40 cent five spot ticket, and the other a way ticket with 5 numbers chosen, betting on 5 four spots and one five spot, at 10 cents a way. 

I headed for Plaza and grabbed a sub from Subway.

While waiting for my Lyft, I bumped into Jonathan Jossel, CEO of the Plaza, and took the opportunity to say hello. He invited me to have a drink at the Sand Dollar when it opened the next night. Isn't that nice?

That's two casino boss encounters in one afternoon.

Lyft was Swyft and I spent the next few hours eating my sub, watching Keno numbers, and waiting for 8:30 when I could head to the rental facility.

The whole point of doing this is that I will use the rental to get to the airport when it's time to return home. The pickup time has to be the same as the drop off time or they ding you a bunch of money.

See those five numbers in a cross? Yoleven's favorites. Mine too on this ticket. Each of the five four spots hit for $16.25 each. The five spot is worth $100. Total $181.25. My keno tickets were almost paid for already!

I didn't mind having some downtime, I find myself pretty tired this trip. But it was so boring, just watching the clock and waiting. I couldn't nap, couldn't drink, and I couldn't do anything much else.

The rest of the night was simple. Lyft to the rental facility. Pick up the car. Whip into Whole Foods to get some dinner stuff, and crash in the room for the rest of the night.

Nine bucks. Take that, Wynn!

I do not know why I bought this much trail mix.

Anyway, it was a quiet night, probably did me good. And I wanted to preserve the win today.

Day up $385
Trip down $160

Only down $160? I'm happy with that!!


    1. Boom on the Keno!! 🤘🤘🤘

    2. Love Live Keno .. a lost art with all the Keno Lounges closing and not many Keno runners 😞

    3. You should’ve ask Jonathan J for a sponsorship deal, the Royal Flusher Video Poker alcove.


    Leave a message for Royal Flusher!