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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Resorts World

Day 4 part two sees me walking out the door of Encore with an additional hundy in my wallet. I'm going to check out Resorts World and its warranted by the laws of Vegasing. My stake for the day is now up to $500 and $300 of it is gone.

It wasn't too hot but it sure was windy. Vegas gets like that sometimes and it turns your eyeballs into dust and your lips into lip dust.

How I've missed Tacos El Gordo! It's really not to far a walk from Encore - one of the reasons I chose Encore over Wynn. Throw the Peppermill into the mix and you've got food options!

Please don't crash the rentals.

It wasn't too busy and I got straight into line in front of the trompo and ordered three tacos al pastor.

"Everything?" the taquero asked.

"Si. Al mucho. Beano," I replied.

A taquero or 'taco guy'.

The three little beauties ran about $11 and oh my God were they good.

I hadn't eaten since the huge breakfast I shared with my friends and it was about three o'clock, so I was wolfed the tacos down in a shower of bits of onion, cilantro, and shreds of the al pastor pork. They give you about 10 napkins for a reason.

After all this... I was still hungry.

So I got back in line and ordered an al pastor mulas.

Does anyone know how to eat a jam packed mulas? I don't.

If you're wondering what a mulas is, it's got similar fillings to a taco, with tortillas on top and bottom, and with cheese added. It's designed to disintegrate at any attempt to pick it up and eat it, leaving your basically scrabbling up bits of deliciousness with your fingers while holding a drooping cheesy tortilla in one hand, juices running down your forearms and a rapturous look on your greasy face.

At least, that's my experience.

Maybe a knife and fork next time.

I cleaned myself up as best I could and headed across the street to the brand new Resorts World.

It's a sign of the times that upon entry, you're in a shopping mall. I actually had to ponder where the casino was, but trust me, I found it.

My phone was getting very low on juice, but I took a bunch of photos anyway.

The place seemed really nice, very pretty, lots of interesting things to look at but I failed to sense any personality or heart to it.

At least they take their Bufffffallllllo!!!!!!! seriously.

I found the slot club - sorry Loyalty - booth thingy and signed up for a player's card. Apparently I'd get $25 in slot play. Sounded good to me.

$20 went into a Buffalo machine. I wandered around and found a multi-game machine where I played $80 in video keno. And hoy hoy, it had a USB thingy, so I could charge my phone while I played. And being the savvy traveler I am, I had a mini cable in my pocket with which to charge.

But the video keno held no such charge, it was flat, empty and devoid of monetary reward. It would be wise to save the second $100 for Encore in the evening, so I chose to play it right in that Resorts World machine.

I am so overdue on quads its ridiculous and surely they would come in the shiny new resort? No. No they wouldn't.

Another fast and furious feverish flat festival of fuck all.

I found one of the Resorts World famouse Baffle-kiosks and fought with it. Then I fought with a different one. Then I walked all the way to the back and tried a different one. Where was the slot play???

Fortunately, an attendant showed me the secret way to claim my $25 in slot play. I went and played it, promptly lost without any sort of win, and swore.

"Gollydarnit, what a day."

Since the Royal the struggle has continued. I had two quads on the day so far, and a total of nine since the Royal, most of them 125 quarters. And I felt sick. And pissed.

I huffed my way, steaming, through the entire casino and through the stupid shiny mall and outside.

Time to go back to the room and regroup. How was it possible that Triumph could be so little fun?

Sure, there's lots to do in Vegas besides gamble, and sitting in the room drinking is one of them. I like to play, and I like to win, and I don't like dumping money in a short time with no action.

Outside Resorts World, I saw a nice view of Encore I wanted to take a pic of, and I reached into my pocket and felt a 'good luck charm' gold ceramic Sphinxter, a quarter, and a charging cable.

I checked my back pocket. And then I really, really, REALLY felt sick.

Fuck me, I checked all my pockets - my phone... was gone.

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    1. The absolute WORST feeling in Vegas (aside from losing your wallet). Hope this ends well for you.


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