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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Roberto's from Roberto el G

Day 10 part 2 and there I was, minding my own business, stuck in construction on Stewart. Avoid it right now if you can.

There's a chain of taco shops called Roberto's, and oddly I'd never heard of them, or if I had, it didn't make an impression. But there's a bunch of them around town and Bobby G says they are reasonable in price, with good portions, and consistent quality.

So, we met at the Roberto's on Maryland Parkway, just south of Charleston.

Bobby advised just two tacos, because they are a lot bigger than the ones at Tacos el Gordo. And he was absolutely right.

Mine was adobaba and Bobby had the carnitas I think. The tacos were excellent, and you had to eat a bunch of the filling with a fork before even thinking about picking one up. I tried and paid the price, trust me.

Thanks for lunch Bobby G! Appreciate you! Thank you thank you thank you appreciate you thank you.

I would go back to Roberto's in a heartbeat. Nice to have that as an option.

Bobby was driving Uber, so we said so long and about 500 'preciate yous and I headed back downtown. But where?

The Downtown Grand, that's where. I knew I could get parking validation from playing, and I like that they have some $5 games at times. There's full pay Bonus Poker, and decent video keno, and I've always liked it there. I decided to give them a good session and see if I could get back on the room offer train.

I played video keno for a long, long time, but I just couldn't get that fifth number. I'd bumped up the bet on the five spot to 3 quarters and if I'd could get all five numbers, it would be a $700 hit.

Danced all around it. And I was out of my $400 stake for the day. And once it's gone, it's gone, I'd just take my medicine like a man, and add $100 to my stake and play it on a dollar slot.

The net net was I made 28 bucks on Double Top Dollar.

I played some more video keno, and some video poker, and lost the fifth hundy. Man I was in bad shape this day, except for the saving grace of a winning keno ticket. I was just hanging in there for the last few games to finish. They did, and I went to the D and collected.

Not bad at all!!! $441 on a $150 ticket. If I do say so myself, I have killed it on live keno this trip. Totally ridiculous!

This would be the point where I would simply get the car and go to Planet Hollywood, right?


I 'knew' that that five spot would have to hit. I KNEW IT.

Count 'em, 1, 2, 3, 4,...


I don't know jack.

No, I never hit it. I got my parking validation slip from the kiosk, went to the cage, and she pasted a bar code thingy on my parking chit. Time for the dance again.

At the exit kiosk, I scanned my ticket, scanned the validation, and... it said it was invalid. Fucking infuriating. I repeated all this crap about six times, with the stupid kiosk yelling at me the whole time. Some day I'll be the meme of the guy crashing through the stupid fuck you parking arm.

I repeatedly pressed the help button, it would ring a phone in Bangalore and then they'd hang up on me. After about three attempts and five minutes sitting there like a jackass, with no warning, the parking fuck you arm saluted me out and I was out of there.

It was kind of along slow drive to Planet Hollywood, which I didn't mind. The design flaws of this place are well known, with the shopping gauntlet placed squarely between the hotel and the parking.

But I went up high in the structure and parked near the elevators, and clocked it. It was 600 steps from the car to my room. Not as bad as it might seem, but still annoying.

I took a long break in the room, regrouping. I had a couple of hundred of my now $500 stake. After a couple of stiff ones, I made a healthy traveler and went to find something for dinner, which turned out to be Earl of Sandwich, my first foray into the Earldom.

It was pretty good! I had the Cannonballs sandwich, and it tons of meatballs, lots of sauce, and lots of cheese. Yummy!

I played $100 in video keno and it went terribly. It seemed like I was getting way less hits on my number than what I've come to expect. Odd. It didn't take long at all to burn through it. Video poker was just as bad. There's goddamn nothing to play here. I hated the noise, the smoke, the layout, and everything about the casino. My attitude might have been colored by the fact that I was down $400 on the day. I could see the trip going in the dumper.

The solution? Go down even more. On a stupid Top Dollar slot.

That didn't take long at all and I found myself down $500 on the day. Take keno winnings out of the picture and... wow what a rough day.

Blame alcohol, blame Canada, but I pulled a desperation move that I've tried so many times before, sometimes winning, sometimes failing - dollar Boner Deluxe, trying to get a quad, any quad, for $400.

To my astonishment, it worked. It actually worked. I didn't feel any joy, just a sense of astonishment, fatigue, and relief.

I cashed out the $400 and went to bed.

Day down $200.
Trip down $1010 with two days to go.

Hmmm, I just now noticed the double up option...

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