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Friday, May 6, 2022

Sinko de Money

Day 6 and I had a great night at Encore. Nice and quiet, great bed, short and sweet dreams of someone yelling "WATCH THE STICK!".

I'm kinda low on gas these days, not sure why, but the energy levels aren't as high. I haven't really felt quite right since the return trip to Flusherville from Florida. Ongoing, never-ending sinus issues, and fatigue. I know what you're thinking, but I've never tested positive for COVID - including just tonight. Maybe I have Stealth COVID.

I had my coffee and poked around trying to write up the blog, and it took me a lot longer than usual.

Vegasing flat out will do that after five days.

I had some bits and pieces of things to eat in the room, starting with the Platoon-sized trail mix. I had a banana as well, and of course, the Little Giant provided me with delicious, freshly brewed in-room coffee.

I guess it's neither here nor there, but it took me quiet a while to finish the blog and get ready for... what? What would I do today!

The car awaited me in the parking structure and I could go anywhere, do anything, free as a bird, sailing on the wind, living in the moment, savoring life sweet life... and I decided on gambling.

And a Chinese lunch somewhere on Spring Mountain. It was a bit early, but I hadn't eaten much for breakfast, by my travel standards.

Encore wasn't as busy downstairs as it has been - it's been jammed with attendees of the AXS22 conference. These people are very good looking, and very well appointed, and excel at blocking every major walkway by standing and talking in a circle.

Without impediment, I reached the car (which was parked in an el Primo Spotto only steps from the elevator on Level 2). And off we went.

A big improvement in travel east and west from the just-before-I15 part of town to Encore has manifested itself in Genting Blvd, which runs from Sammy Davis Jr. alongside Resorts World, across the strip, and straight into Encore.

I took the reverse route and worked my way south to Spring Mountain, and shortly spotted the Kung Fu, a Thai and Chinese place that I'd visited before. Sadly, it was closed. Too early, although 11:00 am isn't an unreasonable time to want lunch in Vegas.

I continued west to one of those fancy Temple facade strip mall outfits, and found the perfect spot. The ALL seasons diner, complete with lucky 3 leaf clover, and some clever-looking characters that I took to mean, "Fuck you chubby, retired, old guy".

Maybe that's a bit cynical. A cheap joke, because I was treated very well indeed in the establishment.

Would you care to see the menu? Of course you would.

OOPSIES! Now everyone knows the super secret unguessable ALL seasons wifi password.

I ordered Kung Pao Chicken with steamed rice and when it arrived, it was downright beautiful.

I wolfed that down and got out of there for less than $20 including a $4 tip.

Highly recommended for an inexpensive, unfussy Chinese place with good, hot, fresh food.

Sufficiently tanked up, I motored in my rental vehicle to my casino of choice - The Orleans. It's a Boyd property and I was close to making Sapphire - whereupon I figure the comped rooms might return. Plus there is an endless sea of good video poker.

I started off with some hundred play pennies. And actually, it was disastrous. It's all about getting dealt good starting hands on this game. And I got very few dingers.

Then I tried some Buffalo. And some more. And some more. And then some video keno. And before I knew it I was down $300.


It was time to get down to business, and I turned to my old friend that has bailed me out on so many occasions - Boner Deluxe.

Thank goodness the quads showed up. I was only down about $100 and that was easily recoverable, right?

I played and played and some hands came but overall it was a struggle that ended in defeat to the tune of the $300.

No kicker, though.

I made Sapphire and got a new card, and also qualified for the thoughtful giveaway of a 29 pound ceramic baking dish, perfect for my luggage.

As soon as I collected mine, I gave it away.

A fancy shiny expensive thing to eliminate employees, that nobody wants to play. Well done, Boyd.

The last gasp was some losing video keno and then I got out of there.

I needed to procure some dinner and some breakfast too and I ended up at Sprouts after driving aimlessly around.

I can't help call this place Schproutz.

Picked up some guac and chips, and a Buffalo chicken wrap that wasn't as good as it looks.

Back at Encore, I parked the vehicle in a good spot, not a great spot, but a good one, came up to the room, and enjoyed some drinks, dinner, and downtime, while pounding out this blog post.

Schproutz Buffalllllllo Chicken Wrap - yeah, no.

I haven't seen any other winners on my second round of D keno tickets, but I know I've won enough to cover their cost, so it's all good. Another $400 would sure be welcome, though.

I don't know yet if I'm going to go down to the Encore casino tonight or not. But you'd be foolish to bet the don't.

Yeah, so I did go down to the casino. It was so pleasant down there. Quiet, no smoke around, inoffensive marginally enjoyable music. A nice angel brought me a large Maker's Mark on ice.

I played $100 on short pay Double Double bonus. Got nowhere. Only got one full house so, the impact of short pay was marginal. Played $100 on video keno. Five interlocking four spot ticket and doubled up on the five spot. Hit four out of four three times for about $32. Hitting all five numbers would have been about $500, something I've done over and over on previous trips. Not happening this trip.

It all took about an hour and a quarter. Vegas.

Tomorrow, I move to Mandalay Bay.

Day down $500 - that's cinco hundies
Trip down $660 - not unrecoverable but concerning. Still pretty damn good for five full days plus the first night.


    1. BobbyG here, really enjoying reading your trip reports again. Hope the luck gets better!

    2. Loving the TR so far. We’re flying in from the UK tomorrow and staying at Mandalay Bay - I’ll be on the lookout for some cards 👍

      1. Send me a private message on Twitter and I'll figure something out.

    3. that view is amazing.

    4. Cinco de money usually leads to cinco de drinks 🥃🍻🍹


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