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Monday, May 9, 2022

Step on the Relax-a-lator!

Day 9 part 2 found us playing a little at Planet Hollywood, to ill effect.


We had other things on the agenda though, and when we figured the worst of the dust storm was over, we retrieved the car and headed for the Pinball Hall of Fame.

How I love classic pinball! Whatever attracts me to coin operated anything, including slot machines and video poker, probably first manifested itself in pinball. The search for the lovely, rewarding WHACK that indicates you've won a free game.

And like gambling, as Steve Railsback said in The Stunt Man, "Just what I need... another chance to lose."

As we neared the new location on the Strip just south of Mandalay Bay, I pretended I couldn't see where it was or where to turn. I don't think I fooled anyone but me.

It's a great new location, just what the place needed, and it's jammed with all the pinball you can play.

Thunderbirds wouldn't go, though.

There are other cool old coin-op machines too, including classic video arcade games, claw games, prize games, and even things like the Relax-a-lator.

Things were still pretty windy once we were flippered out.

We headed back to Mandalay Bay and went our separate ways. I needed a long crash in the room and a recharge. I showered and shaved and eventually was ready to grab a plate of Kung Pao Chicken and a last gasp at gambling.

I stuffed the lucky horseshoe in my pocket and headed down.

I'd added $200 to my stake for the day, raising it to $500.

Maybe I would finally, finally get the video keno hit I've been looking for all week.





The horseshoe came through!!!

I stupidly, as gamblers does, played $90 of it in Buffalo and lost. Still, the results for the day were quite reasonable.

Day down $100 (but the keno ticket is in play!!)
Trip down $810


    1. Hey Flushie…this is day 9, right? And you mentioned going back to Mandalay…are you checked into 2 hotels now?

    2. 🤭🤭😅😂🤣🤣🤣

    3. Awesome Keno hit, hope you don't mind me borrowing your numbers😉

      1. Not at all! In fact I borrowed them from someone else and only found out yesterday they are wrong. So they are kinda mine now.


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