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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Spanking New

Day 3 part 1 found me waking up after about 5 1/2 hours of sleep. And raring to go.

The Little Giant made an excellent cup of in-room coffee, and I got busy with the typey-typey.

Doing a live trip report is tough, if you let it slide, it can really get away on you. Next thing you know you are two days, three days behind, and you can't remember all the juicy details, just the dry boring underlying facts.

I had some pizza left over from dinner with Bobby G so I made breakfast out of that. It was actually half-frozen, and not very enjoyable. Punishment pizza, I guess.

With the blog all caught up, I headed down to the casino to seek my fortune. I am interested to see just how difficult it might be to go from zero to Sapphire, where I might start seeing some Boyd freeplay and maybe comped nights for the future, without bamboozling a host.

I got off the elevator at the Mezzanine level and took in the splendor of the Cal.

I needed to do some play at the Four Queens, and I had two different meet-ups I was trying to make happen. So it was time for a morning walkabout.

Circa is much more imposing and grand than I ever gathered from photos. What a juxtaposition between the spanking new and intimidating and the old school.

To demonstrate, I took photos.

During its construction, I cheered on every new development, each new milestone. I couldn't wait for something new downtown.

And now with it literally at my doorstep, I have yet to set foot in the brand new Circa, and I'm not sure I understand why.

I'm kind of intimidated by it, which really makes no sense, because I'm no stranger to mega-hotels.

It's more that I have a sense of loss, seeing how many things have changed, been lost, been downgraded, and so on, and how many people have moved on from the downtown casinos throughout the pandemic.

And somehow, getting to know Circa is going to underline that loss even further.

My Las Vegas is nearly gone in so many ways, and I am not sure I will adapt. But then again, I felt the same way when paper money came in.

View from the Mikes bar.

I did the $30 in play and didn't get anything out of it, but I did get to meet a very sweet couple who had messaged me and requested a card. When I pinged them, they were just pulling out of a parking spot, and actually parked the car and hauled ass back down to the casino.

Deby and Hubs, it was very nice saying hello to you!

As you might have gathered, since I hit the Royal early on Day 2, I've found it really hard to connect with video poker hands. Quads have been damn scarce, and other wins almost non-existent. My biggest win on Day 2 post Royal was $40 on a slot, I think.

I threw a couple more twenties around in the Four Queens. Got a SILVER STRIKE!!! and promptly turned it back in to the cage. It was early. I wasn't worried. I moved on to Fremont.

My favorite ole multi-play Slutty Times Pay machines are still there (although they've moved back a row). Surely I could get something great on STP, right?

Just a few hands in, I got my first spinner and it was for 10x pay. And the hand? See for yourself, four to a straight flush. (Also four to a straight and four to a flush.)

Any straight flush was 2,500 coins or errrm 2,500 divided by 4 dollars. Many dollars. MANY.

Staying true to my bad form, I achieved none of the available possible positive results.

Up to.

I kind of have a $300 a day budget in mind for gambling, knowing that it's not really very much if you want to play all day. And I was through over half that already.

I moped back to the Cal, where I found that a lot of the slant tops I'd thought were gone have been moved to the elevator end of the lower casino, by the Buddha and the dollar Jacks coin droppers. And Keno.

All those slant-tops, begging to be played. And play them I did. I played this, and that, and the other, and even Shockwave.

I was shocked (heh) to actually get a quad on Shockwave, triggering the aptly named Shockwave mode (actually just some flashing colored backgrounds), wherein if one gets a second quad within ten hands, that quad pays 4000 coins.

And I was dealt three of a kind twice in the ten hands (once as part of a full house, which obviously I broke), but I could not get the job done. Goddammit.

I found myself out of pocket $300, but rich in life experience at having gotten to meet some lovely fans of the blog.

My room awaited where I rested, showered, sulked, planned and schemed.

I'd done nothing but lose since the Royal, now 24 hours in the past. How could I turn this around?


    1. Looking forward to a fully descriptive report when you visit Circa!

    2. Mucic too loud at The D and Circa!

      1. Agreed but the loudest music has to be at the Golden Gate bar, I can only do an hour or so at those bartops.


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