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Sunday, May 1, 2022

Triumphant Return to Vegas

Day 1 part 2 April 30th and the flight on Air Canada Rouge was surprisingly pleasant. And it did the trick. I'M IN VEGAS!!!

And I'm in okay shape, except for my arse, of course. It's such a long, long day to get here.

Ready to cross the threshold.

They fed me vodka, and a dinner that was, well, surprisingly good.

Here's the menu.

I really, really, REALLY needed this flight to not be delayed - but no, some chump with pink luggage (probably chumps, one with pink luggage) managed to get to the airport, get their bags checked, and not show up for the flight.

So the baggage concierge had to root through the trunk and pull those chumps bag. Hope you had a nice time missing out on Vegas, chumps, and thanks for making everyone half an hour late.


Air concierges removing chump luggage. Fucking chumps.

Business class is vastly improved from the old Premium Rouge offering, on a pretty new Shortbus A-321.

The woman, left, is able to converse for 4h 32m non-stop whilst reviewing 10,000 images on her phone. Bully for her!

So dinner, I went for the butter chicken thighs. It's best put that way, because butter thighs are rude, and chicken thighs are weird.

I watched a couple of episodes of Outback Opal Hunters (Les, retire mate, first clue was burning the skin off half your body, second clue was cutting off your thumb).

Then I dug into an episode of Australian Survivor and thankfully fell asleep, shaving about 45 minutes of flying time from my consciousness.

After waking at 6:00 am, I found myself at about 12:30 pm (my time) within eyeball-shot of Las Vegas.

Honey, I'm home and out of focus!!!

We docked at Terminal 3, which was annoying, because no access to Uberlyft, and no obligatory photo of the Welcome to Fabulous etc. etc. portal.

I got a cab with no wait. And a great driver.

"To the California, please."

"California, downtown? Sure."

"Take Paradise please."

"I'll take any way you want."

"And I will take care of you. Let's roll like donuts!"

I didn't really say that last sentence but it sounded cool in my head for half a second.

The ride was pretty fast, pretty easy, the guy took all the right turns, and I found myself home again, at the Cal, and he found himself with a $35 fare and a $10 tip.

Easy check in, good room, and time to get busy, even though I was exhausted.

There was some free play to be played that expires at the end of April, which at that point was just an hour and a half away.

I played my $20 at the Cal and got the first win of the trip - cashed out $40.

Then I ran the gauntlet of Saturday night on Fremont to get to the Golden Gate. Some old mailers indicated some free play for the Quad Queen. And indeed it was true! $50 worth!!!

Sadly, I played this through on Boner Deluxe at the bar with no quads. Five or six threes-of-a-kind, but no winner, and I burned through it all like butter chicken thighs through my pants.

Next stop, Four Queens, to see if we had any freeplay there - we didn't. But the Mrs. has $101 comp dollars and I have $87 or something, so that means free CTUG for me.

I played a twenty of my own money in the most basic, most classic, vintage video poker game there is. The one where it all started, the purest form of un-slutified video poker - 9/6 Jacks or Better.

In the course of trying to double my money, I struck my first quad of the trip. Nice to get one on the board.

I never did make it to 160 credits, but I was so, so tired, I played it to 80 and cashed out even.

As I rose from my seat, I put an Official Lucky Royal Flusher Business Card 2.0 in the candle atop the machine.

I took a few steps and wondered if anyone had seen me. On about step number three I heard a voice say, "You wouldn't be that Royal Flusher would you?"

I tried but I couldn't deny it. "Maybe... probably not? Yeah, that's me - HEY, YOU'RE THAT GUY!!!!"

The face was familiar from Twitterdom and as I realized it was Viva Las Value, he confirmed it.

I really enjoy his tweets and fun outlook on life. We had a quick chat, and went back and retrieved the card. (I put another one in its place).

Viva Las Value had run into all kinds of good luck at the Four Queens!

Give Viva Las Value a follow on Twitter. "Las Vegas, gambling, and degeneracy. Live like a high roller, without breaking the bank!"

Next stop, Binions, where no free play was to be had.

I was starting to get a little hungry but it was so, so late, and I was so, so tired, but if I didn't eat I'd wake up hungry, and I did have a little food comp to use in April... so I had a little snack at the Market Street Cafe counter at the Cal.

The gut-busting amazing Hawaiian Hamburger Steak. Sadly, up to $13.99 from $9.99 last time. Boooo!!!

By the time I hit the hay it was 3:30am my time. Took me about 20 minutes to get to sleep, but I was fretting about being short-sheeted yet again.

No way do I want my skanky feet on the mattress cover that 1,000 other pairs of skanky feet have been on.

This will not stand!

Day up $40
Trip up $40

Huge shout-out to all the amazing supporters of the blog. Thank you for your coffees, donations, retweets, comments, likes, and general Flushie-love.

Special shout out to Casey, who is now barred from further contributions to the blog. He's a legend. Thank you, Casey.


    1. Main St. Station will close in less than 2 years. The suits @ Boyd Gaming only want slot playing donkey's . Maybe take the free bus out to Sam's Town & give us a report. Glad to see you trip reporting again !.......bish

    2. There is indeed Lyft/Uber at T3. Go to center of T3, cross the pedestrian bridge to the parking garage and follow the signs.


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