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Saturday, December 3, 2022

American Space Museum

In Publix, I made a horrifying discovery that would color rest of the entire trip.

Publix grocery stores makes their own fried chicken.

If the KFC we had earlier this year was 7 out of 100, this stuff is 95 out of 100. It is AMAZING. We bought a box, devoured it for dinner, and then breakfast, and then bought another box the next day. I gained 4 pounds whilst away (since removed).

You wouldn't be so cocky if you knew what was in the Publix box!

My cousin had tipped me off to the American Space Museum, a local effort started by people who had worked in the space program, and containing mainly exhibits donated from their personal collections. We'd see the kinds of things you won't see in the flashy KSC. Right up my space alley.

The American Space Museum is housed in a small building in the town center, and it is full of cool artifacts, exhibits, and - guess what - a gift shop.

We spent a couple of hours going through the museum, and it was fascinating. And yes, I bought a couple of things from the gift shop.

The Red Team's Nuts.

Explosion-proof phone. No idea why these didn't catch on in the home market.

My hands are the same size as the first hands on the moonar surface.

Crawler transport controls used to move rockets to the pad.

They x-rayed everything to make sure there weren't hidden things that could cause a puncture.

After we were done with the museum, we had just enough time before lunch to drive out to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge for a whiz and a Bobcat siting.

We had lunch in Titusville with my cousin at a place called Hoffman's table. I had their renowned cheese-stuffed meatloaf. It's also good advice - never let your meatloaf.

Next up, was another museum - full of vintage Warbirds!

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