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Friday, December 9, 2022

Get Your Asses to Work!


Day 2 - We're having fun in Vegas, even though only the first night has passed. And we're losers.

Really, the first night was a complete floppy disaster.

To conserve gambling money, we continued our in-room camping food cuisine exploits and I fired up the HotRocket thingy and shoved two RealGood breakfast sandwiches in it, and got down to blogging.

This could be breakfast.

The Quad Queen made tea with her silicone collapsible kettle, and tried out the $10 plastic cone drip coffee thing I'd ordered from Amazon. No worries, one Starbucks coffee saved would pay for it.

The Walmart pickup order included some coffee that looked good and dasm! I was pleasantly surprised at how good my cup turned out.

The RealGood sandwiches have decent ingredients (stuff you can pronounce and no 10 cylinder propyleneglycolmolydenum type chemicals). Unfortunately they are sort of keto, so the 'bread' part is a mixture of cauliflower, cheese, and organic sawdust. Horrid.

The innards were delicious though, and I ate two of 'em up, skipping one of the two slices of 'bun' for each one.

Next time, I'll look for something with a normal bread/english muffin type outer - but overall, the HotSlotPocket Miracle Oven was a total success. The Quad Queen's roast beef on a bun for breakfast was a success too.

We put a plan together that involved getting my MGM freeplay set up, confirming the resort credit available ($50 for actual food), and cashing in my winning Keno ticket from last trip at the D.

I've been waiting for this day for months. D Keno ticket cash in day! But...!

Why oh why can't MGM just put your freeplay on your card without having to line up to see a boothling like every other property? I can only conclude that they hope you won't bother or will forget. I'm sure there's a line on a spreadsheet somewhere gleefully detailing "Freeplay Dangled and Not Rewarded".

(Mrs. Flusher just returned from the commode shrieking "Cottonelle my ass!!! That's Cotton Hell!")

In spite of not playing a super lot at MGM on the last trip and not at all during the pandemic, I still get reasonable room offers.

This one was four nights comped (but not resort fee) at Bellagio, with $50 freeplay and $50 resort credit. I'm not even lowly Pearl, so I have to pay to park the rental card ($250 USD for the week).

That Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer discount code continues to pay dividends with Avis.

This is our first time ever at the B, and it still maintains some of its original class and finesse, even though it's a little worn around the edges. The Chihuly installation of glass flowers in the lobby is still just stunning. I pity the bastard that has to clean it, though.

And you've got the sounds of a live piano player, tinkling through the lobby and south casino area from the Petrossian bar. Nothing reeks of class like "B B B Benny and the Jetssss" on a Steinway grand.

With the freeplay mounted on my card, we hit up dollar Boner Deluxe, taking turns playing each hand.

What a freaking debacle. Hand after hand went by with nothing. We had a pair, two times. I had to put $20 in to get the freeplay going, and everything was gone in a minute. We got nothing out of the freeplay whatsoever.

Somewhere a beancounter has a Grinch grin happening.

After getting some parking advice from Twitter friends, I pointed the car north and headed into Binion's parking structure to try that out. We had bidness there, too.

We got our new All Access slot club cards at the booth - Four Queens and Binion's (same owner) finally merged their slot clubs. Not sure if it's a good thing for people that have been earning big freeplay at both properties. But at least comp dollars are merged, and maintained.

The Quad Queen had $115 comp dollars and I had $50 or so, all left over from when there was tons of full pay video poker at the Four Queens, which sadly, is all but gone.

They threw in a couple of free t-shirts, and we went off to play a $20 in Starship Binion's, where the machines make tickety tick bridge sounds.

Mrs. F. continued on with the trip crushment, dumping $100 or something. Somehow, though, I broke even, without getting a quad.

Time to use some of those comp dollars on a 'free' meal at Binion's Cafe.

We'd call it lunch, but everyone knows it's second breakfast. I couldn't resist having Country Throw-up Gravy - it's house made!

A burger for the lady, Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs for me, with a Matterhorn of hash browns, which I didn't finish.

The 'steak' was okay, but something tasted off about it. And the Quad Queen's burger wasn't quite what it should be - a bit dry, and the fries were soggy.

Not quite satisfied with the food, completely satisfied with the out of pocket spend.

Next stop, the Four Queens, to take a marker. Just in case. Didn't play a dime there.

Finally, the point of the whole day, the Keno Lounge at the D where, as we walked proudly in, I remarked to the Quad Queen, "I forgot the fucking ticket. It's back in the room. Safely ensconced in the safe."

There was nothing for it but to purchase, between us, $425 worth of additional keno tickets for 250 games each.

I did a group of five four-spots at 10 cents a way, and a five spot at 40 cents. The Quad Queen did two straight 40 cent tickets, one with six spots, and one with ten, hoping for a lightning bolt long-shot to win $20,000. One never knows.

Where would our luck change? When? We'd really don't nothing but lose, lose, lose since arriving in Vegas. Well, at Fremont, it would turn out.

We hit the good ole Super Slutty Times Pay Full Pay Bonus Poker Triple Play uprights, with added Lanai Express scent, and we each had a good run, actually winning a bit of money.

There was one sort of bittersweet moment - QQ ended up with 4/5ths of a royal flush with 3x multiplier and the fifth card was the 9. Giving a flush. Why why why! Just missed a $3,000 payout.

Rude and Unfair.

Anyway, it felt good to finally bank a winning session each. Maybe the dam was starting to trickle monetary goodness in our favor.

Maybe, just maybe, that trickle would become a deluge for one of us at our next destination - Shit Kickin' South Point, aka Big Hat HQ.

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    1. The cheese on that burger looks like melted plastic....used to love that little cafe, on my last trip in Feb. things just weren't the same, food was awfully bland....however I really try not to complain about "free" food! Good luck to you and the Mrs!


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