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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Hand Pay Pending

Day 4 cont'd - the Quad Queen did not hesitate. So upset at ending up with most of a Royal plus a 9 the other day, she dumped the 9 and went for it.

WOOHOO!!! Second Royal Flush in two days!!! What a savvy draw!

Similar to the Cal, for some reason, Jerry's paid the Royal by hand. Maybe for the tip opportunity.

Oddly, she wasn't satisfied because she had had no quads in spite of playing mounds and mounds of VP. She said, "I'm the Quad Queen, we've been here hours and I have no quads."

They finally came, all at once, but in nickels and not the 50 cents and dollar denoms she'd been focusing on.

Quad Queens for the Quad Queen. No multiplier, though.

I had more success scratching around on BUFFFFFALLLLO!!! and we had a blast hammering the 10-play nickels.

We both finished the 1000 points we needed to get all the goodies. Sadly, the $100 free play each both went for nought.

I don't know why I'm so thwarted lately. But the good news is, I managed to break even at Jerry's Nugget, and had a tote and a shirt and a lunch and some more food to come to show for it.

We headed back to Bellagio and tried to figure out what to do for dinner. I had a $50 resort credit and about $40 in Reward-o-Bux, but it was Saturday Night, the lineups for restaurants were long and - we opted to get the lady a rib eye steak and a baked tater via room service.

A great choice for weary travelers.

I ordered General Tso chicken and the food arrived in about an hour.

Unfortunately, I noticed an unearthly red glow in the General's sauce, and a call to in-room-dining confirmed with the chef that they use artificial red dye.

There's absolutely no reason to do this, and it pisses me off. Mainly because I'm allergic to red and yellow food dyes. They took it off the bill and I ditched it in the hallway outside someone's room with an unlucky room number.

I ate the fries and the steak was good. And we'd scored punishment rolls and butter for some later date.

The Quad Queen was done gambling for the day and pretty happy with a second Royal. She's scratched that itch.

But now she keeps talking about Shockwave. Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, LasVegasJaunt let me know the card was gone, and YoLeven had been in touch - he was nearby, so I went down to the casino.

I found LasVegasJaunt and his wife and finally got him his business card. Great to meet you and have a chat!

YoLeven arrived and he finally got HIS card - I think I've left three for him to date that have gone by the wayside.

We both share an interest in various Keno techniques, so we did a mini Keno group pull. We both put in $60 and played a five spot at a buck a throw, and had a nice long chinwag.

I spent way too much time talking about myself, so I asked YoLeven some questions about his life, and then interrupted him to talk about myself.

The net result of the keno was ziperooski. We managed four out of five one time for $13 and that was about it. Shame, a hit would have been $838.

Yo had bidness back at Cosmo, so we said so long, and I spent an hour playing more stupid BUFFFFFALLLLLO!!! and losing $200 doing it.

Sometimes I wish I'd never had that humungous hit the very first time I played the game.

I did make Pearl though, which should cover my parking for the four nights if I sweet-talk the boothlings in the morning.

I'd had another crappy day of it, but by the Jeez it was a fun, fun day. And it's always great to meet an uber-fan of the blog who has been on board for the full 20 years or so since I wrote the Sonyc-Vysion (TM) report way way back.

My losses for the day were (ulp) $600 again, and the Quad Queen finished up $480.

That puts me at -$740 for the trip and her at +$460 and a Jerry's Nugget tote bag.

Combined we're at -$280, which is respectable I think.

We had three nights comped at Bellagio and actually, one was paid, $60. $100 in freeplay and resort credit, $72 in free parking (what a scam, shouldn't be counted as a comp!).

Up until now we've paid out of pocket for two restaurant meals only - Wahlburger and room service. I'd say we are doing just fine.

Next - downtown!!!

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