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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Parfait Flip Flop

Day 3 - We slept about 6 hours. Doesn't matter how tired you get in Vegas, there's still not enough sleep to compensate.

For some reason, my knee hurt this morning, possibly from whacking it 19 times on the rental car steering wheel column yesterday. It would slow me down quite a bit today, but I'd still do 10,000 plus steps.

We are now in the Vegas room camping groove, and I got my coffee made pretty efficiently and sat down to write the blog. It's a nice routine.

My breakfast was pretty civilized - I made a blueberry greek yogurt parfait topped with walnuts. It's a parfait before it's stirred, after that, it's just a tasty mess.

I also ate one of the RealGood breakfast sandwiches, stripped of half of it's stupid keto cardboard fake bun. The Quad Queen made a tuna sandwich. She's not much one for traditional breakfast foods like fancy parfaits in a plastic cup.

No, she'd rather have puree of fish.

Stick your pickle in a fishy bun.
Once the writing was done, we headed down to the casino. We planned to stay near home base today and let the rental car rest in its excellent spot.

The conservatory at Bellagio is a tourists delight, and naturally, I hate it. Sorry. I know most of you love it, but you also probably love the bad acid trip It's a Small World at Disney, which I also abhor.

We had a quick look around and I had at least some appreciation for the next-level Christmas train, which features a camera on board, it's feed shown on a monitor next to the track.

We took a quick look at the menu at Sadelle's. That tuna sandwich that Mrs. F is for Fish enjoyed in the room was worth $20, at least for the takeout version. Plus tax. Plus probably some cash grab fees or other, which are becoming all too common.

I wanted to do something different this morning, so I played a version of Buffalo (BUFFFFFFFFFFFFALLLLLLLO!!!!!!!) I've never experienced before.

I ran $100 down to $20 or so, getting three or four bonus rounds for $20 each or so. Just enough to keep going.

The fifth bonus went a little better, and one spin netted over $100. I cashed out $130, and I was up on the day.

Meanwhile, the Quad Queen was hammering away on video poker, making good on her name, but not hitting anything spectacular.

I grabbed a machine of my own and loaded up Triple Double Bonus with my $130 ticket and I was on fire. I was hitting right, left, and center.

The Quad Queen got a few more of her own as well.

I ordered a drink (Maker's rocks) and when it arrived, something was off. It tasted awful.

I played on and waited for the cocktail waitress who ultimately confirmed there was no such thing as Maker's served on the floor, and went off to get me a replacement drink. (She also said that drinks were now made by robot bartenders - sad.)

As I waited I felt the machine turn, but paid no attention, continuing to play hands because I had to wait for her. Or so I thought.

And that's exactly when the momentum shifted and luck flip-flopped and my entire day went in the dumper.

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