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Friday, December 9, 2022

Pick-up at South Point

Day 2 cont'd. I had no idea what we were in for when I suggested we go to South Point.

I'd validated the parking ticket when we used comp dollars to pay for lunch, which, unlike my keno ticket, I hadn't forgotten somewhere. The ticket, not the lunch.

Aside from the circa 1899 speed elevator, it went smooth as silk. That thing is slow, which isn't necessarily a bad thing when its full of bare-assed showgirls.

I hopped onto the freeway, got mired in traffic for a bit, guessed at the exit (one short), and delivered the QQ to full pay VP heaven.

The only hitch (see what I did there?) was my complete lack of awareness of the National Rodeo thing going on.

Without exaggeration, I've never seen a casino parking lot as jammed as the one at South Point. Half the vehicles were pick-up trucks, as long as a prize steer's Yee haw.

The rows of vehicles looked ragged with so many long, long trucks jammed in there and sticking out into the aisle.

We found a spot finally, and moseyed in to see what we could do.

And I did.

We played a bit of video poker and I changed machines and fired up video keno.

And I nailed one on the very first pull!

Not only that, no more than two minutes later, I repeated the feat!

The exact same group of five numbers hit twice in two minutes. Sweeter than cow pie!

We had a good long play and Mrs. Flusher hit a few quads to keep her in it.

The Super Times Cowpoke Play was galloping and then I was dealt a pair of Jacks with... the coveted 10 times multiplier.

I lassoed the Quad Queen to watch and we did the usual incantations of things like, "c'mon, get two more Jacks!!!!"

I hit the button and the first two cards drawn were Jacks! I'd bucked that bad luck off my back for good, today!

Beautiful! When we left South Point, I was well up on the day, and the Quad Queen was doing okay. Not great, not winning, but okay.

We were both pretty tired after the long travel day, and a pretty lousy short night of sleep, and I was craving over-priced vegetables. Plus we needed a few things for the Bellagio Room Camping Pantry.

Whole Foods is so conveniently on the way, without hesitation, I looped the car over the flyway, and parked.

We found lots of goodies, but Whole Foods is weird on staples. Yeah, you can buy pickles, but you are choosing from 90 varieties of Organic Gentle Raised Free Range Cucumber Pickles with Non GMO Spices and Seaweed and Kelp.

I drove back to Bellagio (getting a great spot, while Steve Miller's 'Lost In Space' played, weird selection to hear but appropriate for parking orbit), and we shlepped our food and some more bottles of drinkables up to the room.

I spied a bonanza of abandoned room service condiments in a little cardboard box and snagged it without hesitation.

What a room camping condimental haul I got! Actual bottled ketchup, and one of the ultra-rare collector Cholula hot sauce packets.

Next - get Keno going, so we could watch our tickets lose.

The HDMI outlet on the wall didn't work, but the Quad Queen started reefing on the 50" flatscreen, surmising that it was mounted with a typical swivel mount.

I freaked out, and the TV... was mounted with a typical swivel mount. I was able to plug the Firestick into the back of the TV and we had signal.

Then I used a browser to navigate to the D's keno feed and we were off and boring!

We drank up, rested up, and ate up. I had blackened chicken salad, with a bunch of salady salad type salad things. Just what I needed after burgers, cheese, and CTUG.

QQ had... something that I forget and is un-photographed. Whatever it was, she liked it.

Tired as we were, we had to have one more bash at it, so we headed down to the casino again.

And that's when I knocked the day out of the park. I had two chances at threes with kicker on Triple Double Bonus, holding three threes and the kicker card, and drawing to try to get the fourth three.

On the second go round, I nailed it, one of the sweetest draws to make, and just as difficult as filling four-to-a-royal, if not as lucrative.

I stupidly donked off another $100 on this and that when I should have just packed it in, but such is gambling life.

When it was said and done, I finished up $800 on the day. The Quad Queen managed to keep her losses down to $200. She really needs to hit some bigger wins, they just haven't been happening. We'll see!

On the trip, that puts her at -$560 and me at +$500, for a combined total of -$60 for the trip.

Throw in the free CTUG and a couple of t-shirts and I'll take that all week long.


    1. Flusher maybe you could win some prize money at bull riding or bronk busting we're rooting for ya yee haw

    2. We were at South Point a few years ago while the rodeo was going on. We had the exact same thing with trying to park. Never again.


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