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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Quad Queen Returns - Vegas Bound

It's unusual for us to travel to Vegas without having to deal with customs, Air FU Canada, or WestJet. A nice change.

WestJet continues to hold some $1300 in a travel bank from 3 years ago that they won't give me back as cash, and threaten to 'expire'. Shouldn't be allowed. But here we are.

We set up some flights that leave at a pretty reasonable hour from Tampa - one o'clock in the afternoon.

So it was a pretty easy pack, and an un-rushed morning, notwithstanding the fact that I woke at 2:30 am, and flipped, spun, tossed, and turned until morning - because it's Vegas day!

The drive to Tampa was pretty easy, and the airport itself is a breeze.

Quad Queen dubs thee 'Beaky'.

Hope this guy isn't on our plane as a comfort Flamingo.

Maybe I'll throw 'em one of these.

Next stop, Dallas.

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