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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The Cloak of Loserdom

Day 6 and our breakfast plans would turn out to be the best part of the day.

What an incredible, stellar, rare day we had yesterday! I wore the Cloak of Winnerdom so proudly!

Big win after win after win. You know it can't continue, but you hope it will. 

Well, guess what.

Anyway, Bobby and the Lovely Mrs. G are in town, so we had plans to have breakfast together up at a place called Lumberjacks in North Las Vegas, reputed to have a natural source of free-flowing Country Throw-up Gravy non pareil.

You should check out the Bobby Gs Gambling channel on Youtube - tons of fun! Like and Subscribe!

After pounding down some Little Mini Giant Cone-o-coffee and pounding out yet another incredibly entertaining blog post, top of the dreck category, we saddled up and headed north.

Lumberjacks is on Craig road about 5 miles from Downtown. They specialize in huge portions of good ole honest American cuisine-food, freshly made.

We all arrived on the dot of 10:00 am and got seated. Of course, the lads had to order Country Fried Steak and Eggs, smothered in house made Country Gravy aka Country Throw-up Gravy aka #CTUG.

The ladies ordered rib eye steak and eggs.

It was great to see Bobby G again and to meet Mrs. G, and they even brought us a thoughtful Christmas gift and card.

The food was as promised - excellent. The CTUG was the best I've ever tasted, which means it actually had flavor beyond gooey wallpaper paste.

We had a fun visit and a great breakfast. I have to say, the service at Lumberjacks was top notch. The best we've had all trip, and the best we've had in some time.

If you want a good ole feed, Lumberjacks is recommended.

By the time we got back to the Cal, regrouped, poured a couple of travellers, and hit the casino, it was close to 2:00 pm.

By the time there was anything but a Lappert's sign to take a photo of, it was 3:30 pm.

Quad Queen

Cloak of Loserdom Royal Fail

Quad Queen again.

I'd dumped $200 into BUFFFFALLLLLLO!!!! chips and $100 into 50 cent Boner Deluxe, all in about 15 minutes.

While Mrs. F. worked away on the slant tops by the escalator, I sat next to her and went through $100 on video keno. And then another $100 on various and sundry moneysuck games.

It was bad. It was brutal. It was sad. I could see our chances at a winning trip and a fun day disappearing, all by mid-afternoon.

We decided to give the triple play Super Shitty Slutty Sucky Times Pay machines a go over at Fremont, even though it is second-hand smokestack central over there. I don't know why it's so bad in that corner by Lanai Express but it is.

My touchscreen wasn't working right and I ended up with five play and stuck with it.

The good news is, we had a really good, long, fun play on these machines for nigh on a couple of hours. The bad news is, the arc was up, up, up, dump, dump, dump.

There were certainly lots of quads, but on triple and five play there are going to be.

I hung on and on hoping for that one knock-out hand, that one beauty with multiplier - but it never came.

I had five bucks left out of $600 and threw it in a slot machine.

I felt not just lucky, I felt Triple Lucky.

The Quad Queen was down almost as much as me. She wanted some rice and noodles so we got those from Lanai Express but it was cheaper to get a 3 item combo than to buy the two items as sides so we got a 3 item combo and for some reason the Ladle Lady wanted us to pick two meats but they all looked horrid and that would make it a 4 item combo, wouldn't it, but finally I just picked Mongolian Beef and Beef and Broccoli for the 3rd and 4th items in the 3 item combo and now I have a tub of horrid looking Beef And chinese food in the fridge that I don't want to eat but might have to as Punishment Beef And Chinese.

With my remaining $32, I bought a Keno ticket at the Cal, and the Quad Queen did similar.

We hunkered down to chill in the room. QQ had the fried rice and noodles along with leftover prime rib from last night for dinner.

I had reheated half-a-pizza.

I have to say the HotPocketRocketLogic thingy really works well, as long as you have the time. The pizza was wrapped in aluminum foil and reheated beautifully. I enjoyed it just as much as last night when it was freshly made.

We had drinks, and watched numbers and ate and generally punished ourselves for the three hour $1000 plus debacle.

We said things like 'You can't win all the time, otherwise it would be work' and 'We had such an amazing day, we knew it couldn't continue that way' and 'Crikey, we suck.'

Of course we had to give it one more go, and we did, aiming at Pinchy and Flashy, which were occupied, sending us to our doom.

The QQ really wanted to get a Shockwave quad. She did get two bashes at it, but couldn't get the second quad in the needed 10 games.

I played video keno and on $100 through with four 5-spot intertwined cards, I got 4 out of 5 fourteen times, but never the breakthrough 5 out of 5.

I also played $100 through on quarter Triple Double Bonus. The winning photos are posted below in the blank, empty, yawning, chasm of Loserville.

(insert non-existent winning photos here)

What a brutal ass-kicking. It mostly wasn't even fun. But truly, you don't really appreciate the highs of a stellar, luck-filled day unless you wear the Cloak of Loserdom and wallow in the morass of luckless self pity most of the time. 

I'm lucky that way.

QQ down $660, now down $440 on the trip (still, fairly respectable 6 days in)
RF down $800, now up $110 on the trip

What's that? I'm still a winner?

Combined we are down $330 on the trip, with one day to go.


    1. Soon as you win you guys play five play and that is a recipe for disaster. Not just any five play but super x as well that cost even more money. Just win and play normal so you take some home with you. Greed never pays off.

      1. Greed seems to pay off for the casino. Generally, I agree that being too aggressive doesn't always work. Bear in mind the 8/5 Bonus Poker multiplay Super Times Pay is a better returning game than standard 8/5 Bonus. Of course, multiplay means a much higher overall bet.


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