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Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Day 5 - I could feel the power of my 19 COVID vaccines coursing through my veins all night long. I slept pretty well, and had a lot more energy in the morning. I was beating this thing.

It's tough being sick in Vegas where you have to go out in public to do the simplest thing and when you want to be having fun, and not quarantining in your hotel room bed.

Spotted: Video Keno? EEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!

I was quadruple vaxxed at this point and did my best to limit my time in public. When out of the room, I wore a 3M N95 mask (as you've seen).

In a closed space, without ventilation and no masks, an infected person can pass the virus to another in 15 minutes.

When an infected degenerate gambler is wearing an N95 mask, that time is extended to 2.5 hours. Since nobody can stand to talk to me for anywhere close to that amount of time, odds are I did no harm, and that's good enough for me.

I social distanced. I didn't get in elevators with anyone in them, and if someone got on, I held my breath until I got out. I avoided people, and if someone sat down next to me, I moved.

Just know that I did my best. I'm not interested in any more nasty comments and won't publish them.

And I won't discuss this further, I'll just tell you what happened on the trip like I always do. We've all had enough of the finger wagging, politicizing and second guessing around everything COVID by now.


The Quad Queen wanted to go down and play, so off she went, and I stayed in the room, working on my anti-bodies. Richard Simmons has some great t-cell and antibody Stretch 'n Strength routines on YouTube, so I watched those and followed along.

I also spent time fretting about the missing broccoli towel of doom that I'd ditched in the hallway (sorry!). We now were one towel short and I was sure they would count them on check-out and send the Towel Police after us.

After my workouts, I laid in bed waiting for winning texts to come in from the casino, and some did!

The Quad Queen is considerate enough to take her quad pics from the side, so I can always tell hers from mine when it comes to write this someday-to-be-award-winning blog.

After having some fun (and success) she came back up to the room.

We had a plan, oh yes we did.

We still have food comps at the Four Queens after all these years, so lunch would be on them.

And I was dying to do more gambling. A good solution was a couple of gigantic Keno tickets I could watch from the room.

So, we headed down to the Dismember-mobile (which smelled only mildly of corpse-breath) and drove downtown.

The Quad Queen set me up with Keno tickets and then we went to Chicago Brewing to get a couple of disks to go, paid for by The Man. There's nothing like free pizza.

A 'while-u-wait' Quad Queen straight flush? Hell yes.

What fun it was walking through Wynn with a couple of hot pizza pies. I was so tempted to walk up to a blackjack table with them and yell, "WHO ORDERED PIZZA HERE???"

But I didn't.

Walking along the hallway to our room, we spotted a maid.

"I think she is on to us. She's going room to room counting towels and looking perps. We never should have ditched the stinky broccoli towel in the hallway."

"Let me deal with this once and for all," said my wife, who knows just how to handle room supply type things.

She got the maids attention.

"Excuse me... we need a couple more bath towels, if you don't mind."

The maid handed her three Egyptian 9 billion thread count premium cotton full size Wynn bath sheets that are purpose built, and carefully trained to dry your butt on command.

We were golden! No hotel jail this trip, although I suppose there was still time.

We had a really good feast and then stored the pizza's mortal remains in Ziploc evidence bags. We'd have plenty of leftovers, and the HotPocketRocketLocketFocket dealies to heat them up in!

I took a nap with the Keno numbers piped to the TV, and the Quad Queen rolled down to the casino for a while.

Nothing much happened, and when she came back up, she crashed and I watched Keno (and continued to lose at it).

Evening came and I had a good idea. I remembered from my May solo trip playing at a kiosk of machines at Encore that had both keno and video poker on them. They were far away from anyone, in a really quiet area of the casino, where you could sit and enjoy the music and even get decent drinks.

Well, we headed down there and the little grouping was gone. But we found the machines moved to a spot almost as quiet and we had one side of the group of 6 to ourselves.

View from the machines at quiet Encore.

We both kinda got going on dollar Bonus Poker. I was on one end and the Quad Queen was in the middle.

This Chinese dude sat down and started shoveling hundies two at a time. I couldn't help but watch because he pulled up the most volatile game on the machine, Triple Double Bonus. Twenty five bucks a hand.

The first $200 yielded nothing. Another $200 went in. And another $200. And another $200. I was sweating just keeping track and wondering what was going to happen. How deep would he go?

Another $200 in. This time the guy hits four 8s for $1250, a hand pay, and probably some taxes taken off. Not very smart for a $250 net win.

But back to us. We killed it! The Quad Queen cashed out two $500 tickets and I cashed out one!

We each had a set of Bonus Poker Pointies and by the Geez, we were now down a measly $10 on the trip! The Power of Free Pizza!

QQ +600 Day +240 Trip

RF +300 day -250 trip

Combined -$10

This post dedicated to loyal supporter Carol.


    1. Don't let the haters get you down. Great winnings!

    2. dats how ya do it royal. pizza, beverage and wins!!

    3. Love the Windy City Supreme pizza at Chicago Brewing Company. Great craft beers and always tastes a little better when paying with club points. Keep the posts coming Royal!!

    4. Loving the reports as usual. Damn Covid. It's good that your Queen had stocked up on effective medications (Royally tested, as such) and that you had them with you. You make a good team, so glad you were not on your own (of course it was HER Christmas Gift to you, so it's appropriate that she was there to support your fuzzy thinking) Enjoy seeing the recovery wins. SO important. Worried about the Mandalay Bay room....had a nice one last September, and planning on showing Tom how lovely it is in the Spring. Figured there'd be no issues with the hotel at all. Should I think about changing my booking to Delano, I wonder?

    5. Onward! And Upward!

    6. Nothing better than a nice VP run to close out the day! Especially when both of you are close to each other winning.

      Kudos to you for the way you handled getting Covid on your vacation. It's amazing how many people fancy themselves experts and tell you how you should live your own life. Hope to see you continue to power through and get some royals later in the trip!

    7. Catching up now on this trip. You did everything you possibly could have done (and more than others would do) with Covid during a vacation, don't let the haters get you down!


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